Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Borage Fritters

After fried borage flowers (done the same way as fried zucchini flowers), borage flower tempura (I use the ready made Japanese tempura mix) and borage frittata (I just add borage stems, flowers and tender borage leaves to a frittata batter), here are some very very very easy borage fritters.

Just pick the borage stems (only the tips with the very young leaves and flowers), make a batter with eggs and bread crumbs, dip the flowers in the batter and fry with extra virgin olive oil until golden on both sides. Dry on kitchen paper, add a pinch of salt and, if desired, drizzle with lemon juice at the table.

This time I also had a lot of sage flowers in the garden, so I added some to the mixture as sage goes very well with fried food. I also decorated the fritters with sage and borage flowers.

For more borage flower recipes click the label Flowers


  1. Wow, never thought to cook borage. They grow freely in our garden and I had to trim them every year. Bees love them, though. This is an interesting recipe.

  2. It is common to eat borage in Italy. The tender leaves make a great filling for ravioli. If you are new to borage start with the flowers, just toss them in your salads, over desserts, in a glass of wine... :-)

  3. I never thought of cooking with borage either. Our first home was in Mt Eden and we inherited a whole garden of borage. I would frost them for cake decorations or add them to salads. Sometimes I would freeze them in an ice bowl to use as a pretty serving bowl.


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