Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another book

No space for home-grown food? Think again. My friend Fionna Hill has written a book on Nature’s Own superfood – Microgreens – which can be grown on your windowsill.

How To Grow Microgreens by Fionna Hill

Here’s a book that could revolutionise your household meals, keep away those winter chills and get your green thumb working...

Microgreens – the tiny seedlings of herbs and vegetables – pack a powerful punch. Larger than sprouts and smaller than ‘baby’ salad greens, they nutritionally contain higher levels of active plant compounds than mature plants or seeds and can easily be grown in containers on a terrace or windowsill.

With Microgreens, you don’t wait weeks or months for them to come to maturity; most varieties are ready in a week and you can grown them right through winter. Microgreens are the new big thing in growing your own food globally.

This book describes How to Grow Your Own Microgreens with detailed information on 20 popular varieties. The many recipes within the book include salads, nibbles, drinks, sandwiches, dips, soups, desserts, stuffings, wraps, children’s food and garnishes.

Offering a range distinct flavours, from spicy, mild and subtle to hot or nutty and in a multitude of colours...what are you waiting for?!

For further information, for extracts, for an interview with Fionna Hill or review copy requests please contact:

Penny Hartill, Hartill Communications Ltd, 09 445 7525, 021 721 424,


  1. Interessantissimo!Ho il germogliatpre ma, mi devo bacchettare perchè sono spesso pigra..Devo darmi da fare!

  2. Besides growing them for yourself, I think there is a lot of money to be made growing them for restaurants. When I staged at a fine dining restaurant, I was blown away to see that they used upwards of 20 different microgreens, each stored separately. One of their former sous chefs "farms" them. I bet an enterprising person could do this for every fine restaurant in a city with very little square footage.

  3. I love micro greens, Alessandra. This books sounds really interesting.

  4. Hi Alessandra, You have a lovely wonderful site! This book, Microgreens sounds really interesting. Thank you for visiting me. I will definitely visit you again to read your wonderful posts! Have a nice day.


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