Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Recipe Against Homophobia

A blogger from Italy is proposing this great initiative against homophobia, following some rude comments and jokes by our Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

To support the initiative bloggers are asked to provide a recipe with Florence Fennel (recycle OK), for more info click here.

Thank you Gaia for the initiative :-)

Salad with Red Radicchio, Florence Fennel
and Walnut

Photo by Alessandra Zecchini ©

A lovely and crisply salad made with fresh mixed leaves and red radicchio (the round type, which is crispy and lovely to eat raw). I find red radicchio a bit bitter, this is why I like to mix it with other green leaves. Then I added some finely cut Florence fennel, and some freshly shelled walnuts. For dressing I just used some good extra virgin olive oil, some lemon juice and some salt.

Non-vegan option: I had some salad left over and I made a mega panino using crusty ciabatta bread, this salad (without dressing) and some gorgonzola cheese. It was super!!!!


  1. grazie alessandra della tua partecipazione anche dall'altra parte del globo

    immagino che, viste dall'altra parte del globo, le iniziative berlusconiane siano ancora più allucinanti che viste da qui, dove purtroppo ci siamo ormai quasi assuefatti!

    ho già segnalato il post!

  2. Grazie a te Gaia per la brillante iniziativa :-)

  3. I love fennel and this salad looks gorgeous. I can never seem to get radicchio here in Christchurch - I keep looking hopefully at the market each week, but so far nothing :-(

  4. A great initiative! I wish I had time to make a fennel dish but I'm travelling a lot this month!

  5. Grande Ale!!!Meno male che ci sono in giro Italiani di spessore!!!Baicone

  6. Nice recipe for a very special and important occasion!!

  7. Ciao Alessandra, che bella questa insalata!
    Ho vissuto anch'io all'estero per quasi 10 anni e ricordo che tormento fosse ogni volta che dicevo di essere italiana dover rispondere a domande sorprese, stupite, a volte maliziose, di persone che mi chiedevano se fosse tutto vero quello che sui giornali si diceva del nostro primo ministro. Non oso immaginare adesso come sia degenerata la situazione. Hai tutta la mia simpatia! A presto (a proposito: voglio provare a rifare l'halloumi, formaggio che mangiavo spessissimo quando vivevo a Cipro e che ora mi manca molto! Grazie per la ricetta)

  8. your recipe looks amazing and homophobia and hetrosexism suck.

  9. I have one fennel left in my garden. I know exactly what I want to do with it. So I will have a recipe to show my support.

    I detest any form of discrimination. Its appauling anyway, but its moreso when it comes from people in influential roles.

  10. I don't like discrimination and I always try to not to do it to anybody else. I've been in that position, being an Asian although I am a Kiwi.

    I love the colour of your salad. I cooked fennel last time using your recipe in the Cuisine magazine. It was great! I haven't had fennel raw though, so I thought I might want to have a try.

  11. Bella insalata per una importante iniziativa



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