Friday, September 5, 2008

Domus de Janas

Domus de Janas Incorporated- Sardinian cultural and social Circolo in New Zealand - was created with the intention to be a cultural bridge between Sardinia and Aotearoa. It also celebrate the regional richness of Italy with the cultural, traditional and historical differences. The activity that the Circolo aims to maintain and/or to create flows of knowledge and inter exchange between New Zealand and Sardinia. Sardinia is still a mystery in this part of the world as is New Zealand in the Land of the Nuraghi. This Sardinian Circolo, the first in New Zealand, wants tight a relationship between the two island groupings, it wants to be a reference point for the few Sardinian and their families in New Zealand, it wants to transport traditions and ancient culture in this new land and share them with all the other communities in Aotearoa. At the same time it also aims to facilitate inter exchange so that Sardinia will be enriched by the experiences, traditions of this country in which we are welcome settlers. The Circolo is non- profitable organization.

The name Domus de Janas come from the Sardinian language” Fairies or witches house”, following an old and popular belief. As the Nuraghi , they are an essential part of Sardinia’s history. They are burial structures made from dug tombs on the rocks, of various shapes and connected to each other to form trough underground necropolis with a common access corridor and a hall often very large and with high ceiling. In the island there are about 2500 domus de janas they go back to the period between 3000 BC and 1500 BC and some are of more recent times.


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