Thursday, November 6, 2008

New gardening and recipe book from Dennis Greville and Jill Brewis

The Grower’s Cookbook is
published in November by
Penguin Group (NZ) with an
RRP of $45.00.

The cost of fresh produce has risen by 12% in the last 4 years. New Zealand garden centres are reporting an increase in the sale of seeds and plants to grow vegetables. It has suddenly become very trendy to have your own vegetable garden.
The Grower’s Cookbook shows you how, with minimum effort, you can have delicious fresh produce at your fingertips all year round. What to grow, how to plant from seeds, how to maintain your plants and when to harvest. It then provides a range of ideas for preparing,cooking, and preserving what you have grown. Included are modern recipes and traditional favourites, as well as tips for how to deal with an abundance of food.
Authors Jill Brewis and Dennis Greville combine their gardening and culinary
talents to provide you with a wealth of information and inspiration.

“Whatever the size of your garden, the
simple pleasure of growing, cooking
and eating your home grown food is
well worth the effort. And once you’ve
tried it, there’ll be no going back.”
- Dennis Greville and Jill Brewis


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