Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Iron-Bound Coast: Karekare in the early years

The Iron-Bound Coast is a rare book. Discovered by writer and Waitakere City mayor Bob Harvey while researching Auckland’s spectacular west coast, the two manuscripts for the work were written in long hand with photos laboriously pasted in. Wally Badham had set out to preserve his crystal-clear memories of early Karekare for his nieces, but has created a work of living history that speaks to all New Zealanders.

Bob Harvey recalls his excitement on discovering The Iron-Bound Coast: I realised this is truly a rich gem, a legacy of not only remote Karekare beach, but a grand story of this country. Wally speaks in a voice that reflects the time; a time that is now rapidly fading in memory and people.”

Illustrated with 215 photos, most never before published, this hardback edition marks the third release of the Libro International book imprint from Waitakere-based publisher Oratia Media.

Managing director Peter Dowling heralded the publication: “We are thrilled to publish The Iron-Bound Coast, a work of historical significance and entertaining content. We hope we’ve done Wally proud – everyone who reads it seems to fall under his spell.”

Review copies are available now; the book launches at theGoing West Books and Writers Festival on 12 September and will be in stores from 15 September.

Extracts and photos from the work are available to selected media.


Wallace Badham grew up at Karekare and left only with the onset of World War II. His unhappy later life belied the accomplishments and adventure of his youth, when he was among the first pilots in Auckland and spent days roaming across the remote valleys of the Waitkare Ranges. He retained a deep affection for the area and its history until his death in 2001.


Bob Harvey, historian, writer and mayor of Waitakere City, has edited the Badham text. A prolific author, Harvey is the author of six books centred on the west coast and its history, including Untamed Coast, Rolling Thunder and Wild Beast: The Art of Dean Buchanan. Bob spends much of his time at his beach home in Karekare.


The Iron-Bound Coast is the third book from Libro International, the new book division launched this year by Oratia Media. It followsOutrageous Fortune: The West Family Album, and Tim Tipene’s Kura Toa: Warrior School. Libro International is taking New Zealand history, Maori studies, children’s and general nonfiction titles to the world.

The Iron-Bound Coast: Karekare in the early years

Wallace Badham; edited by Bob Harvey

ISBN: 978-1-877514-01-2

Format: 200 pages, jacketed hardback

Publisher: Libro International, an imprint of Oratia Media Ltd, Auckland;

Recommended retail price: $60


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