Monday, December 7, 2009

What is the meaning of food blogging?


When I started blogging I was thinking mostly about recipes...and then, of course, gardening and foraging to source my ingredients, and then, of course, travels, and all the exciting food in the world, and Slow Food, and the environment, and then, of course again, books, but not only cook books, as I am into many other types of books...and then ...and the end my blog has become a patchwork of many different topics. I don't mean that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I had a moment of thought for those readers who are only looking for recipes, and may not be interested in my personal thoughts about living in the bush or visiting a cathedral in Europe. Of course it is great to give recipes a context: a soup for a book launch, a dinner after a festival, a thought for a personal friend...all of this can still continue here, but for those who have less time to go through the archives, or speak English as a second language (and at present are forced to 'navigate' through several non-related topics before finding the beginning of a recipe), or simply need to differentiate between vegan and vegetarian, I have created a new reference space: 'only recipes'

This current blog is not closing down, and although it has become more of a diary than I intended it to be in the first place, I do hope that it would still prove interesting for some of you :-)! And yes, I will continue to put here all my recipes (and news about food and products, restaurants and shops, travels and books, and more!), but if you are only and exclusively looking for recipes please go here.

I have started by uploading old recipes from this blog, and I will continue with updating the
'only recipes' space with new entries on a regular basis. Hopefully only recipes will be easy to consult, but since it is going to be only a reference space, rather than a blog, I will be most grateful if you could still post here, on Alessandra Zecchini blog, and in the latest topic (where I am sure to see them) all your comments or questions (at least for the future I may find the time to open comments there, as well as in here).

I hope that only recipes will be useful to you, and I thank you for your comments :-)

Happy blogging



  1. I like the new blog, but I also like reading this one.

  2. Ciao Alessandra,
    mi piace il tuo blog cosi com'e`, ma capisco la tua scelta, la trovo un idea carina.
    Ora vado a farmi un giro di ricette anche io.

  3. Thank you Jo,

    Grazie Ilaria.


  4. ale l'idea c'è ma io preferisco la ricetta "romanzata" il diario e tutto quel che descrive il tuo mondo.
    ma sarà che non sono vegetariana? :DDD

  5. ho visto che hai letto l'editoriale, che tipo di deja vu hai avuto? io ho delle strane sensazioni in merito ma non èarticolarmente negative anzi.
    ma sarà che ho sposato un destrorso intelligente :D

  6. Alessandra, I'm glad that you will keep on posting about food, foraging, gardening, travel and so on ! That's what makes your blog interesting to me ! I understand though the idea of a 'recipe only' blog that will help people searching for one.

  7. Enza, grazie del commento, se a te piace leggere il 'tutto' a ma fa solo piacere, ma ho cominciato anch'io a perdermi nel mio stesso blog (forse troppo self-indulgent?) e non ritrovare le ricette subito quando me le chiedevano, perche' qui ci sono ancora pochi con un google account sai? Qui ci sono amici che guardano il blog ma non sono interessati a partecipare, o lasciare commenti, e poi magari mi telefonano dicendo 'sto sciogliendo la cioccolata ora, ma qualcosa non funziona...e non mi ricordo che ricetta era' :-)

    Vanille, same answer to you...maybe you can understand Italian a bit?? :-).

    Glad you like reading all my blabbering :-D

    per l'editoriale...ti rispondo di la' :-)

  8. Se continui a postare le ricette anche qui, io rimango fedele al blog primigenio ;-)

  9. Certo che continuo qui Yari, l'altro e' solo per 'quick reference', e per mettere un po' in ordine, forse la mia vita ne ha bisogno :-)

  10. I have thought of doing the same thing Alessandra. I think it is a great idea. I enjoy your diary style of blog. Mine is much the same.



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