Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Japanese Style Recipes

Tomato Gari

A friend from a culinary forum told me that there is a new rage in Japan and it is tomato gari: a slice of tomato topped with some gari (thin slices of Japanese pickled ginger - the ones you eat with sushi) and salt. Well, I had to try it! I wasn't sure how it is supposed to look like, so the composition is my 'invention', and I used some Maldon salt (in flakes). And then I tasted it.

A M A Z I N G ! ! !

A real hit to the taste buds...but...I wanted a, still surprising...and then a third...and I was tired.

Yes, I will make it again, for some posh Japanese dinner maybe, I will serve ONE single slice per person, maybe between courses, or as a starter to wake up the taste buds. But no more. With one I think that people will remain wanting more...and they will remember it in their 'culinary memory bank' like something unique. More than that, and I feel it may be too much.

Now, for something less experimental:

Simmered Tofu Balls with Celery

I make this a lot, especially for my kids. I buy the tofu balls in the Chinese shop. They are already fried and puffy, and they are very versatile. For this recipe I just simmer them for 10 minutes with celery stalks and vegetable stock, then I lift them up from the stock (which I use as a base for soups or other things) with a slotted spoon, and I serve them, warm. They are so simple to make and yet they taste quite elaborate. I often serve them as part of a Japanese meal (as the protein dish) accompanied by a bowl of rice, a bowl of light soup, and some steamed seasonal vegetables dressed with soy sauce and lemon.

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. It is after a long absence!
    I am yoko suzuki.
    i received your letter today.
    When I saw your letter, I was
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    I watched your blog.
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    I purchase it by all means.

    The spread of Internet is splendid that your diary is readable even if you are separated from me distantly.

    MY family are very well!
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  2. Yoko! So happy to see you here! Peter is in Japan now, for work, I am very envious!

    I hope to return too one day soon. I'll send you an email now!

    Please send me a photo or two of Hideaki Yakiniku shop (Yes, I am a vegetarian, but I would like to put it on the blog, some readers may be interested in seeing a real yakiniku shop!

    Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!

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  4. The tofu balls look and sound delicious and v simple to make. I had a couple of lovely Japanese flatmates a few years ago and still get pangs for real Japanese home-style food sometimes... I can get the ready cooked tofu in Chinatown so I'll be trying this, and thinking of Kozue and Makiko (& hoping all is well with them at the moment...). Thanks for the recipe!



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