Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chestnut flour fritters

I grew up in the Apennine mountains of Italy, and during Autumn and Winter I ate chestnuts almost every day. These fritters were a staple in my family, they are easy to make and incredibly filling.

Mix 250g of chestnut flour with 400ml of water, mix well and add a tablespoon of sultana.

With a spoon drop some batter into the hot oil (I used rice bran oil) and cook on both sides; it only takes a couple of minutes.

Place the fritter on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

These fritters are actually better cold, just by themselves, or with a little ricotta cheese.

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Non ho mai assaggiatop le frittelle di castagne ma, amando il castagnaccio, credo mi piacerebbero da matti!Baci

  2. hehehehe...e' una frittella e' come un mini castagnaccio instant!!!

  3. Che voglia di castagne e di frittelle che mi hai messo!! Peccato che sono a dieta e...ehm, i fritti forse non sono una buona idea :-(

  4. Chestnut flour is not something I've really eaten much of. Should I see some chestunut flour, may pick up a small bag to have a go at these, be a nice introduction to the flavour.

    Also, I thought I had you in my side bar reading list, and noted I had not, how silly of me to miss one of my favourite blogs that truly inspires me to think outside of the 'cooking box'. A blog that i want others to be inspired by too.

  5. Ehi: l'hai vista la sfida dell'MTChallenge di ottobre??? Puoi trovare altri modo per sfruttare la farina di castagne. Ma l'hai trovata facilmente? La mia proposta per la spedizione del torrone resta valida: se tifa piacere mandami l'indirizzo in privato che te lo mando! Un abbraccio cri


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