Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City


and street wiring

Images of street life

At the war museum

And Reunification Palace museum

Tropical fruit: I ate dragon fruit before, but I never knew where it came from...

... and now I know!



And the food? Very good! I have to say that in the city centre there are a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes which are good and not expensive. You can also have lots of fresh raw vegetables, especially greens and herbs, and of course fruit and fruit shakes. Salad leaves are used as wraps, or as a filling, with other raw vegetables, for rice paper wraps! Here some good things for vegetarians:

Here some vegetarian samosa and rice noodles with salad and herbs. Take some lettuce and roll your own!

Ready rolled: Vegetarian fresh spring rolls, and rice crepe rolls.

This was amazing: Banh xeo. Usually comes with prawns insides, but our host, Linh, asked for a vegetarian one (filled mostly with bean sprouts, mushrooms and onions), and she also told me that it is made with rice flower and cumin. It looked and tasted like a thin omelette, instead there is no egg in it... a truly vegan omelette!!!

Battered fried tofu with chili sauce, so nice and fresh and soft!

Thank you Linh and Peter for 4 wonderful days in Vietnam :-), and for all the incredible food, in particular for the - sorry no photo of these - water spinach and angel flowers (Vietnamese alum buds) which were delicious!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini©


  1. I think Vietnamese is the most under-valued cousin in the world... we were there around Xmas (in the North) and we could not wait to get hungry again... Lovely pics, have fun!

  2. Mi viene voglia di viaggiare ogni volta che vedo le tue foto. Bellissimo il fiore!

  3. Grazie Ilaria!

    Bence, you are right, it is a fantastic cuisine and very few people know about it!! Definitely in my top ten!

  4. Vietnam is such a fascinating country and it's food is absolutely wonderful. I hope your holiday continues to be fantastic.

  5. I'm completely salivating in front of all this food, even if I just ate my lunch...

  6. This post makes me miss home so much. Although I am from Hanoi :D

  7. CIao Anh and welcome. I'll have a look at your blog now :-)



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