Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gnocchi Sardi Pasta with Asparagus Ragù

I am away a lot these days, so I don't have many opportunities to blog, sorry. I will try to be more active next week, in any case, here is as recipe (super easy) I tried two weeks ago, and really liked it.

For pasta I used the gnocchi sardi from Grofalo, which I found to be particularly suited to this chunky sauce.

For the Asparagus Ragù I chopped the asparagus spears, put the tips aside and discarded only the very ends (the wooden parts). I chopped a small white onion and placed everything in a pan with olive oil.

I cooked them for a few minutes and then I added Italian tomato passata sauce (the Alce Nero brand tastes super, is organic, and the company's strength lies in cooperatives, not in slave labour of the tomato pickers). I cooked the sauce for a little more, until the onion and asparagus spears were soft, and then I added the asparagus tips. 5 more minutes in the pan (the tips don't need long), then a bit of black peppers, a drizzle of olive oil, and ready to serve!

Good with, or without, grated parmesan cheese. The best thing about the taste of this dish is that, to the palate, it seems more 'complicated' that it actually is! Very pleased with it, and its simplicity! :-)

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini©


  1. I could eat a big bowl of that right now, Alessandra. That's my kind of meal! And I like your soft-effect photos; very nice.

  2. Garofalo colpisce ancora!!!!Ottima scelta.Ad essere sincera non avrei emsso il pomodoro ma, avrei lasciato gli asparagi in bianco..
    Bacione :)

  3. Davvero Saretta Con burro o olio?

  4. Alessandra,
    No need to apologise for not blogging regular, life takes priority. We all have to dip in and out of blogosphere.

    My husband adores asparagus. He would guzzle a bowlful of this - no problem.


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