Friday, June 11, 2010

Pisa and Firenze...and a Chain before going to London

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini©

Here are my lasts (I promise...for now) photos of Tuscany. Florence is truly special, but I thought not of publishing the photos of Ponte Vecchio, David and Campanile di Giotto which are everywhere. But for is another story. We didn't stay long there, not many visitors do, just Piazza dei Miracoli and the famous tower, and there was an impressive thunderstorm!!! Fortunately we didn't get wet., but the sky was impressive against the Baptistry.

Two days after in Florence was splendid, and hot! We walked around eating ice cream and drinking water. You need good shoes in Florence.

The highlight of my trip was a private tour of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, here are the gardens.

And here the ceilings of the room where we had our aperitivo.

This is the bedroom used by the President of Italy (President, not Prime Minister) when he visits Florence.

And here my one of Filippo Lippi's most beautiful Madonna con Bambino.

Now, Yari from Il Cucchiaio di Legno passed me this chain, if you are keen to do it please go ahead, I have put ten names here (not obliged to do it, of course). And If I didn't put your name but you are keen to do it, just go ahead!

Rules (Eng-Fr-Ita)

1. Put the rule on your blog - Mettre les règles sur votre blog – Mettere le regole sul vostro blog

2. Name the person who sent you this chain and put the link to their blog -
Indiquer le nom de la personne qui vous l’a décerné ainsi qu’un lien vers son blog– Indicare il nome della persona che ve l’ha assegnato così come un collegamento al suo blog.

3. Answer the five questions -
Répondre aux cinq questions – Rispondere alle cinque domande.
4. Send to ten other bloggers (specify their names and links here) -
Transmettre le tag à dix personnes, en précisant noms et blogs – “Taggare” dieci persone, precisando nomi e blog.

Signe particulier:
Segno particolare:

Distinguishing Mark: Talk a lot...? :-)

Mauvais souvenir:
Cattivo ricordo:

Worst memory: (Culinary, I expect...) Collapsing pavlova before a photo shoot...

Souvenir d’enfance:
Ricordo d’infanzia:

Childhood memory: Foraging (berries, mushrooms, greens, chestnuts, wood, anything edible or useful really...)


Defect: Vane, Lazy, Glutton... do you want more?

Film “bonne mine”:
Film preferito:

Favourite movie: The Battleship Potemkin. Seriously! I saw it with the live orchestra once, unforgettable.

(And it is a food related movie)

And here are my 10 names, follow if you like:

Vanille at Down Under
Nigel at Curious Kai
Sasa at Sasasunakku
Enza at Io da Grande
Arfi at HomeMadeS
Bence at Tokyoreloaded
Michael at Herbivoracious
Mangocheeks at Allotment 2 Kitchen

Well, greetings for now, on Monday I am going to London for a week, I will not blog but may have a chance to visit you.


  1. the sky does look very thundery almost like our skies here in Oregon. But for us that a constant it almost seem with the summer never making its appearance. Do put up some pictures of London and vist the cafe in the crypt near the national gallery

  2. Oh, my dream country. Thank you for tagging me. Have a great trip to London!

  3. What glorious photographs, Alessandra! I am such an armchair traveler.

  4. First, your photos are exceptional and I love the idea of the chain. Thank you for including me. I hope you enjoy your next stop. Blessings...Mary

  5. As Mary says, Your photographs are truly exceptional. I've enjoyed looking at them. I don't travel overseas that often, so have really enjoyed the 'blog ride'.

    Thank you for thinking of me for the chain.

    My visits to London have been as a tourist, so I can't really recommend any places to eat, other than Cranks but sadly that has closed down. Enjoy your time there. If I lived near London, who knows we may have had the opportunity to meet up. For now, enjoy your stay. Looking forward to seeing how you see London.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. It has been ...umh...12 years since I was last in London? No more Crunks??
    Golly I am old!!! ;-)

    I have to travel with only one piece hand luggage (I will need to put my handbag in it!) no more than 10kg.
    So no shopping, and every member of the family will carry his/her own change of clothes!!!

    I'll weight my bag and hope to fit the big camera in it... ;-)

  7. 忙碌的一天終於過了,來看看文章轉換心情,也幫你加個油哦~ ..................................................

  8. Great photos, I love both Florence and Pisa. And you've made me eager to go back there again soon.
    A collapsing pavlova just before shooting is not funny ;-)
    Have a great trip to London!

  9. My god, that's grand! I am unbelievably envious! Thank you for sharing such wonderful sights.

  10. Hey A - thanks so much for all of your comments on Herbivoracious and for the chain! I've found that my readers don't really connect well with the blog meme/chain thing - they seem to mainly want recipes with a few "philosophy" pieces thrown in, so I probably won't pass it on. But I wanted you to know that I appreciate you including me!

  11. Alessandra your photos bring me back to the very first year of my studies...
    Lazy, glutton... Sounds like we have many things in common...;)

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Thank you for all your comments, I am back from London now but unfortunately I am too busy to blog.. :-(
    Hope to be back soon with more stuff.


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