Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coconut and Eastern Herbs Pumpkin Soup

One day long time ago I started adding coconut cream and fresh coriander to my pumpkin soup... and my life changed!

The fact is that I always found creamed pumpkin soup a little... predictable?
It always tasted the same to me!

This time I also added some Vietnamese mint (one of the few herbs still alive in my garden) and the result was a fragrant pumpkin soup.

Another thing that I have to say about pumpkin is that I hate cutting it! So this time I roasted the whole pumpkin first, in the oven, for well over an hour... can't remember really, but I was baking other stuff and I thought of putting in the pumpkin too, and after a while I added an onion, peeled.

In the end the pumpkin was so soft that I could cut it with a spoon! I removed the skin and seeds and placed it in a pot with the onion. I added vegetable stock and then I blended everything. Finally I added one can of coconut cream and simmered it for 15 minutes. I turned the stove off, then I added some fresh chopped coriander and a couple of stalks (with leaves!) of fresh Vietnamese mint (to be removed before eating).

This is my number one pumpkin soup, definitely!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Mmm I love pumpkin soup with coconut cream. I often make a coriander pesto to swirl on top - the flavours together are heavenly!

  2. coconut cream, pumpkin and herbs are a wonderful combo. i found your blog via comments sections of other blogs and i am glad i did. your travels, upbringing and creativity are so much different than mine. i enjoy learning through others. count me in as a new subscriber

  3. Definitely a coconut cream girl here too! And apparently although coconut fat is saturated, it's a medium chain fatty acid which is actually healthier for you than mono and polyunsaturated fats.

  4. Wonderful. I wish I had a bowl of this warming soup right now.

  5. Thank you guys, and welcome Matt and Lisa.

    After posting last night I felt I did something wrong...
    bat what???

    And then I dreamed that I was in Vietnam...

    It isn't Thai mint, it is Vietnamese mint that I have in the garden, and that I used in this soup!!!!

    I corrected the text :-)

  6. Effettivamente il cocco con la zucca deve stare da dio!!!GRazie dell'idea ;)

  7. Non solo ci sta da dio, ma e' uno di quegli accoppiamenti (con erbe aggiunte) che ti porta nella stratosfera del gusto.

  8. I too dislike chopping/cutting into pumpkin. It always feels like a dangerous task and I am afriad of losing a finger or two.

    I've never had Vietnamese mint.

    Your soup looks really lovely, somthing soothing about the colour too.

  9. Gorgeous looking soup Alessandra. Like you I could never get very excited about pumpkin soup, until I started adding coconut cream and coriander to it. Never thought of adding Vietnamese mint though - that would be great - definitely going to try that. Especially love your idea of roasting the whole pumpkin first - that's inspired :-)

  10. Ciao Alessandra!
    Mi piacciono le tue ricette e le tue foto, adesso continuo a curiosare un altro pò nel tuo blog!
    Buona notte

  11. @ Mangocheeks, if you try Vietnamese mint you can't go back :-)!!!

    @ Sue and all other coconut lovers: thanks for your input and for sharing my tastes, to many Italian this combo sounds strange (until they try it!)

    @ Barbara: Benvenuta!

  12. I never would have thought to add coconut cream to pumpkin soup, Alessandra, nor cook the pumpkin whole like that. These are very good tips that I will have to try, thanks!

  13. I never would have thought to add coconut cream to pumpkin soup, Alessandra, nor cook the pumpkin whole like that. These are very good tips that I will have to try, thanks!


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