Wednesday, November 17, 2010

olive focaccia made while mopping the floors

One of my kids' favourite snack when they get home from school is a nice piece of freshly baked focaccia. I don't usually measure the ingredients, but the flour/water ratio is about 500 g of flour for 300 ml of water, plus a pinch of salt and 2 tsp of dried yeast granules and a pinch of sugar (this yeast dose is good up to 1 kg of flour. I made a dough.

While the dough was rising I cleaned the pantry and found a jar of the olives I marinated last year. They were still good, small (I picked them from a friend's tree) but very tasty.
If you like to know how to preserve your own olives go to the CUISINE ON THE NET section on the sidebar of this blog, and click Preserving Olives.

First I needed to remove the stones, which I did with a knife. At first I did this over the jar, but it was messy and I wasted too much oil, so I drained a few olives (over the jar) little by little and then I cut the flesh off the stones.

I added the olives to the risen dough and mixed.

Then I left the dough to rise for a second time (I cannot give you exact times because I was mopping the house and making this focaccia at the same time... maybe 1 hour the first time and then 45 minutes?

I rolled the dough and resumed mopping (and you can see the mop in the picture!!!!) for other 30 minutes.

Then I made some little 'craters' with my fingers and added some olive oil from the olives' jar. I sprinkled with some rock salt on top.

Baked for about 30 minutes at 200 °C, and when the kids came home they smelled it immediately!!! Yum!!!!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Che fame fa venire vedere questa focaccia con le olive poi deve essere davvero ottima bravissima un abbraccio!!

  2. Questi ragazzi sono davvero fortunati!!!

  3. quel pezzo di focaccia grida vendetta... che fame!!!

  4. Foccaccia, yes please! Ever thought about getting a Tweet this and/like on Facebook button on the blog? I have a thing called Hootlet which means I can easily send your posts to my Twitter or FB page but it might be good for other people who don't if they want to share...

  5. l'ultima foto mette un'acquilina in bocca...
    che pazienza che hai nel fare le foto tappa per tappa...
    io non ce la faccio, pasticciona come sono rischio di rovinare tutto!!


  6. Ha un aspetto veramente invitante!!

  7. Ciao e grazie a tutti, bello accendere il computer la mattina e vedersi tutti i commenti dall'altra parte del mondo!

    Sasa, I am sure you understood that :)

  8. Alessandra - your focaccia looks amazing - I have tried making focaccia a couple of times recently and ended up with "focaccia-fail" - I'm going to try your recipe :-)

    You are so right about broad beans. I grew up hating them until I discovered you could peel them. I have subsequently converted many of my friends who also thought they hated broad beans because they had been fed them with the thick skin on - yuck! Such a special vegetable if you do it right. Thanks for visiting.

    Sue :-)

  9. decisamente una signora focaccia! come portare un pò di italia nel mondo!

  10. I just might go back to school if I knew I have a treat like that waiting for me at the end of the day :-). The camel provides a unique perch with a lot of up and down motion. A bit like an elephant, but definitely not for anyone with a queasy stomach. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Your kids are very lucky to have you as their Mom, Alessandra! Warm focaccia from the oven and clean floors are great to come home to. ;-)

  12. complimenti ti è venuta da cinema!perfetta!croccante e spessa al punto giusto.complimenti!

  13. Wèèèèèèèè ma che bella focacciona!
    Anche per me un bel pezzo di focaccia resta sempre la prelibatezza più golosa per la merenda!

  14. We have such wonderful olives in California - I should make this.
    I like it how you say that you don't measure the ingredients, because I'm the same when I cook!

  15. Thank you for the inspiration Alessandra. I've made a gluten-free version of your focaccia but with store-bought olives. (a pic here:

  16. Thanks for your site! I’ve just liked it.


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