Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year with Rabbit Biscuits, and a bit of the South Island

Happy Chinese New Year to all. After the rabbit sushi and the sugar bunnies I made some rabbit biscuits and iced them :-).

Quick post today, I'll just show you some images from the South Island, we travelled by car from Christchurch to take the ferry to go to Wellington. It was a lovely day and a beautiful drive.

Can you see the seals on the rocks?

Marlborough (wine country)

On the ferry to the North Island

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Dear Alessandra
    How are you? happy Chinese New Year to you too!
    Thank you so much for this great posting. I loved it. I am bit occupied and cant visit blogs. I remember last year on this day I had gone to Milano and Italy, a dream country for me from my childhood days.
    There is a travelogue waiting for you at my blog, please see.
    I am travelling within the country and will be off blog for some time. But will catch up.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. So beautiful! The oceans are so blue and clear!! Wow... I want to go!

  3. @ Ushnish, read and replied, for when you are back.
    Happy traveling, and say CIAO! (without H) :-)


  4. Hey! Great pix - the Kaikoura clouds almost look like a painting!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  5. Beautiful cookies, i like the piping and candy eyes. But really, the rabbi sushi takes the cake, so to speak.

  6. Your blog is really beautiful and what about your pictures are fabulous! I signed up! See you soon, Caroline B.

  7. Hi Alessandra
    I finally figured out how to leave a message here.
    Your rabbits are as cute as the ones in my backyard.
    Are you travelling right now?
    Your photos are beautiful.
    I wish I can visit South Island some day.
    Hope to see you on Friday at Italian School.

  8. @ Red Nomad, yep, the clouds in New Zealand are something else, and even more so in the South Island! I could watch them all day long!

    Welcome Dan and Caroline, and thank you for your lovely comments!

    Kazuyo, I am back and I'll see you and Hana on Friday, if you manage to come at 3:30 Carolina is going to give us all a Zumba lesson, otherwise 4pm as usual for the class.


  9. Beautiful pictures,,,we really are blessed to live here!

  10. Happy Chinese New Year to you, too! Your photos are gorgeous ... I wish I was there instead of here where we are snowed in! :)

  11. Happy chinese new year to you. Rabbit cookies looks beautiful.

  12. Such lovely images....they bring back memories as I have visited these places before.

    Hugs for a great weekend

  13. Ecco ho Recuoerato gli arretrati, mi sono impressionata al museo tremolante per di piu' la nuova Zelanda e' imbattibile per natura e paesaggi. Ma sai che con il curry e le spezie ho lo stesso tuo approccio psicologico? Troppo troppo poco troppo tostato, troppo poco.
    Cos'e silver beet?
    Per l'anno deo coniglio dovresti sentire il podcast del ruggito del coniglio, da morire

  14. Il silver beet sono le bietole, usato solo le foglie piccole senza troppi gambi bianchi.

    Dov'e questo podcast?

  15. WOW! questi scenari sono bellissimi...non sai quanto ti invidio! Dev'essere stato un viaggio fantastico! ...Happy Chinese new year anche a te mia cara! Un bacione

  16. Happy Chinese New year to you and yours picture of Kaikoura is simply stunning! you seemed to be having great fun :)

  17. Your biscuits are darling and my youngest grandchildren would devour them while re-telling the tale of Peter Rabbit to me. Your photos of you brief holiday are wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  18. che immagini meravigliose! mi piacerebbe essere lì, dico la verità...ciao carissima

  19. I love your bunny biscuits,
    Alessandra. And your photos are gorgeous - I can be an armchair-traveler through your blog. Happy Lunar New Year!


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