Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Party Food for Girls at Frankfurt, and Sweet as... also!

 My husband was in Frankfurt at the book fair presenting his books, and I asked him to go to the New Holland Publishers stand to take a few pics of Party Food For Girls

Here it is, on the NZ stand, first on the left,

And in the International New Holland Publishers' stand, Food & Drink section, top shelf, second from the right.

And a little surprise too: another of my books, Sweet As... is also at Frankfurt, in the inspirational gift's section, top shelf, first on the left.

We are packing today to go to our South Island's tour :-). First book launch tomorrow at Mercato in Christchurch (see invite below, if you live in Chch do come and see us)

Follows a demo at the Farmers Market in Ohoka on Friday morning, then back to Christchurch for another demo at the Children Bookshop (I will post another invite tomorrow), and then Oxford on Sunday morning for another Farmers Market. In between we will squeeze in interviews, but mostly try to spend time with the kids' grandparents. I may not have time to blog much, and no much internet, so I apologize in advance. Please keep your finger crossed for me, for sun at the Farmers Markets, and for fun in Christchurch!

Finally I would like to thank Emily from KL in Malaysia for buying the book and showing it off in her blog :-), and Artu' for doing the same in Italy :-).


  1. Have a great trip! Your book is beautiful and really stands out in the shelf!!!

  2. Oh what a special day you will have! First Book Launch...wow. The poster is lovely!

  3. che meraviglia!!!!devi essere al settimo cielo!!!!il tuo e' quello che da subito all'occhio!!!!complimenti davvero!!!!

  4. Grazie Francy, tengo le dita incrociate adesso :-).

  5. Che bello Alessandra!
    Ti garantisco che nel caso dovessi venire in Nuova zelanda mi porto il libro e me lo autografi eh???? Sono troppo contenta per te...deve essere stupendo ed emozionante....kiss

  6. Che bello e che soddisfazione!baci baci e grazie x le tue parole Ale!

  7. Have a wonderful trip.The book looks wonderful and I knowit will sell well. Blessings...Mary

  8. Un'altra grande soddisfazione dopo tanto lavoro! Ancora complimenti!
    Enjoy your trip!

  9. Arrivata a Christchurch e piove, ma il primo appuntamento e' stato fatto, stasera mi riposo!!!!

  10. Was so awesome to meet you today! Am going to try the broad bean dip in the book at some point, sounds yummy and good for me :D Hope you enjoy the markets!

  11. Ciao Zo, it was great to meet you too, so special to see a blogger for real after so much virtual communication only!!!

    I hope that you will like the broad bean dip, my broad beans are just starting now, good recipe for early Summer.

    For the markets, please keep your fingers crossed for us for no rain!!!


  12. What fun...so wish I was around to come to the book signing. Happy dance for you both. xoxox

  13. riposati sì!!
    stai (state) facendo un lavoro magnifico, come ci si sente nei tuoi panni, cosa provi?
    un abbraccio e ancora congratulazioni :)

  14. Bibi, cosa provo magari te lo dico privatamente piu' avanti, che magari e' noioso :-)!

  15. secondo me non è noioso per niente, se vuoi la mia mail è barbarcollini@yahoo.it
    mi farebbe piacere...se trovi il tempo!!
    baci ^^

  16. B, quando torno a casa ti scrivo con calma :-)



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