Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bangkok, two views

I think that I have too many photos of Bangkok, so I just made a couple of collages. The first is of The Royal Grand Palace complex, which is more like a walled mini-city of amazing buildings in different styles (about a square mile large, so you can spend an entire morning here) and includes the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Jade really, but beautiful - this is the most sacred place in Thailand so photographs are not allowed inside, and the dress code is strict: long pants and sleeves). Of course The Royal Grand Palace is the "must visit" in Bangkok, and it is impressive with all those colour glass mosaics (glass from Italy), colourful ceramic tiles (tiles from China), colourful frescos... and gold leaf everywhere. And it may not seems so from these photos, but it was packed with visitors!

The Royal Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The second collage is, in contrast, busy street life, although colours are not missing here either, and temples and shrines (some really tiny) dot the city with more gold leaf, yellow marigolds, and red incense sticks.

 Bangkok, street life 

From top left clockwise: the flower market, on this side of the road they sell flowers for temples and prayer. Shops in Chinatown. Hinduism co-exists with Buddhism in Thailand: a Ganesh shrine in the middle of a busy shopping area. A tuk tuk in Chinatown.
Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. che foto!!!!! Splendide come sempre!!!!!!

  2. Ciao Alessandra! Che belle foto! Mi spiace ripetere a pappagallo i commenti delle ragazze qui sopra ma è la verità!

  3. Bhe grazie, sono contenta di sentirlo anche se lo ripetete uguale uguale, ci vuole un po' di tempo' a fare i collage e postarli, e ho sempre paura di 'stufare' con le mie foto di viaggio, quindi i complimenti fanno veramente piacere, sempre.

    E le critiche pure, beninteso! :-)

  4. non ti azzardare nemmeno a pensare che ci annoi con le tue foto viaggio insieme a te, vedo posti che vorrei vedere con i tuoi occhi e con il tuo obiettivo, per cui non pensarci nemmeno, e non credo di essere l'unica :)

    1. Ah lo spero Barbara, perche' ho ancora un reportage da postare!

  5. I was 10 when I went to Thailand and I still remember that temple vividly now. These photos brought it all flooding back. thanks for that it's a good to skip down memory lane.

    1. I think that my kids will also remember the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, all those colours and gold and shapes are quite something!

  6. Amazing photos, and what a contrast! How do they manage on the streets with so much foot, bike, and car traffic?!

  7. It is manageable, but it is hot and the traffic smells bad, so I guess that one would get tired more easily. Three of these photos were taken from a bus (I guess that you can see which ones) and it is a good way to see a lot just sitting down! :-)

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