Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five Mile Town, my Birthday, BWW, and the Winners of Fresh As

Five Mile Town - Saturated

Today is my Birthday, and I have a lovely song and video for you. This is from a young NZ band, and one of the boys is my husband's cousin (well, the kid of his cousin... a bit younger than us!). His Mum put the video on my FB wall this morning with her birthday greetings, and I love it! Please share it and support Five Mile Town!

Photo and Recipe by Alessandra Zecchini ©

Because it is my Birthday I hope you will forgive me for doing a mixed post here, and publishing a lot of things together. I have also decided to add my image for Black and White Wednesday, a weekly blogging event created by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook and this week hosted by Brii of Brigg is Home. The title of the photo is:
styling an egg for a photo shoot

I also have a couple of presents for those who entered this week competition, two sets of Fresh As products (2 x 1 strawberry powder, 1 strawberry slices, 2 mandarin segments), so, here I go to 

The winners are the first two names randomized from

Well, can you believe it that it is Mairi's birthday too, so I am very happy for her to win, and then Matteo, I hope that your pregnant woman will be happy! Please get in touch with me so that I can arrange to send you the goods.

List Randomizer

There were 35 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Mairi
  2. Matteo
  3. Vanille
  4. Waiau
  5. Martina Dante
  6. Sophie
  7. Sue
  8. Anna
  9. Frances E
  10. EasyFoodHacks
  11. Kitchen
  12. Pease
  13. Frances E
  14. Couscous
  15. Kristin
  16. Martina
  17. Sugar&Spice
  18. Mairi
  19. Nardia
  20. Kitchen
  21. Jo
  22. Sophie
  23. Kitchen
  24. Nardia
  25. Mara
  26. Penny
  27. Nardia
  28. Alli
  29. Frances
  30. Dan
  31. Ginger
  32. Aftertaste
  33. Ganda
  34. Mairi
  35. Melissa
Timestamp: 2012-04-29 00:20:45 UTC


  1. I hope you have a wonderful day, Alessandra. I'm sending birthday wishes from Oregon to New Zealand. Hugs and blessings...Mary

  2. Happy birthday to you dear Alessandra!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday Alessandra! May it be wrapped in joy and happiness! :)

  4. Happy birthday Ale, how cool Mairi won and I look forward to seeing what she makes with them

  5. Happy birthday!
    And... YES! My pregnant woman IS GOING TO LOVE the price!!!!!!
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!

  6. Carissima Alessandra, Tanti Auguri!!! Il video è delizioso, sono molto bravi! È stata una bellissima sorpresa di Compleanno! Anch'io me lo sono gustato ancora a letto, con il caffè! Una splendida giornata a te! Un bacione

  7. Happy Birthday, have a great day. Diane

  8. Happy Birthday Allesandra!! and congratulations to the winners :)

  9. Buon compleanno Ale ... il video è molto suggestivo, mi piace molto e anche la canzone conquista, mi piace questo folk malinconico e intimista. Bella scoperta.

    1. Il cuginetto e' figlio d'arte, gli altri non lo so ma sembra che suonino da tempo, musica matura per ragazzi ancora così' giovani :-).

  10. Ciao Ale, buon compleanno, regalati un po' di relax and enjoy it. Molto gradevole queta acanzone.

  11. Tanti auguri allora!!! Passa una splendida giornata!!! Bacioni!(

  12. In mega ritardo ma ti faccio i miei migliori auguri di Buon Compleanno! Ciaooo!!

  13. Non ti preoccupare Spirulina, sono io che ho il compleanno il giorno prima di voi, così lo allungo!!

    Grazie a tutti!

  14. in ritardissimo anche io, scusa Alessandra! tantissimi auguri!

  15. Wow...I can't believe it & on my Birthday too! Thanks Alessandra! Your blog must be the luckiest blog for me as this is my second win!!

  16. I know! It was so funny when the name came up, you must be a lucky person :-).

  17. I'm a little late with this but...tanti auguri for your birthday Alessandra!! :-) x.

  18. accidenti, non sapevo Alessandra.
    Tantissimi auguriiii!
    la raccolta è on line:
    Grazie della tua partecipazione.


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