Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Riesling Challenge 2010 Tasting Vineyard v Winemaker

Copied and pasted from the Slow Food Waitakere site, this wine tasting event is a real gem, so if you are in Auckland on the 8th of July, and you would like to learn more about tasting and comparing wines, come and join us! 



The Riesling Challenge 2010
Vineyard v Winemaker

Sunday 8 July 2012
Time: 2:00pm
Address:  5 Waima Cresent, Titirangi

Cost:  Members $20.00, Non-Members $25.00

           (limited numbers)

A Little Bit of the History of "The Riesling Challenge:

How It Began:  Neil Charles-Jones came up with the idea for the New Zealand Riesling Challenge
at an awards dinner.  It struck him that for all the talk of good wines being made in the vineyard, it
was the winemaker who always picked up the awards.

How it Worked:  Twelve winemakers were each given 4 tonnes grapes from one vineyard namely the
Mud House "The Mount" vineyard in Waipara Valley.  Each winemaker made 250 cases of wine,
processing the grapes and making the wine in the manner they saw fit.  Resulting in twelve very different
wines, varying from dry through to sweet.

The Tasting:

We will be tasting the resulting 12 wines under the guidance of Mark Compton, who is a well respected
winemaker and educator, with a particular interest in aromatic wines - Riesling being his favourite.

After the Tasting:  We thought it would be nice way to finish the afternnon if you would like to
bring a plate of finger food to share after the conclusion of the tasting, either to be enjoyed with rest
of the wine (if any is left) or a cup of tea or coffee.


Laurel McAlpine
Ph: 817 5859

N.B.  There will be limited numbers so please book early


  1. mi accontenterò del report che farai tu :)

  2. Purtroppo non ci sarò perché vado in Australia... ma in fondo ho bisogno di una vacanza!! :-)

  3. Ma che bellissimo evento!!!


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