Monday, December 17, 2012

Hot chocolate spoons, and recycling Christmas Cards

 For the hot chocolate spoons I used little wooden spoons, the idea is simple, just dip the spoon in a cup of hot milk and stir! They are perfect for little present, inside a little bag with a Christmas card for backing. Now this idea may not suit everybody, but I like to recycle everything I can, even old Christmas cards, I cut out the front (as long as there isn't any writing on the back, and make labels, collages, or even little cards like in this example, to be hand delivered with a chocolate spoon inside.
 On the back of the cards we wrote our Xmas messages and the chocolate spoon flavors: chocolate and cinnamon, double chocolate and cocoa, white chocolate and cardamom, white and dark chocolate, and dark chocolate with sugar granules. Melt the chocolate, pour on the spoons and add your spices or topping! Easy as!

 Do you ever recycle your Christmas cards?

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


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  2. So fun to make....thank you for sharing yours. Happy new week to you...may you find joy in every corner. xo

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  4. Che bella idea?...bigliettini oramai ne ricevo pochi, ma questi cucchiaini sono molto molto carini!!!

  5. Qui invece se ne ricevono ancora tanti, nei paesi anglosassoni si usano molto più che in Italia!

  6. Hai sempre idee magnifiche e originali, Ale! Complimenti di cuore! Ti abbraccio con affetto! :D

    1. Grazie Ely, sei sempre carinissima nei tuoi commenti!

  7. It's a cute idea! I love my hot chocolate very rich and chocolatey so I think I'd add a few of these ;)

  8. The dark chocolate is pretty intense :-)

  9. What a neat idea, Alessandra - they look so gorgeous. I keep some of my birthday and Christmas cards to recycle as tags. They make such unique tags and you get to enjoy them again later!



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