Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beautiful West Coast

So sad to hear about the weather news on the West Coast, we were there only a few days ago and crossed a bridge that has now collapsed... I hope that the weather will improve soon for all who live and are traveling there now. And the West Coast is an amazing place! Incredible that such a small region could have stunning beaches and mountains and lakes and forests and glaciers all packed together!

On the road

Lake Mapourika
Panning for gold in Shanty Town
Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Non lo sapevo...spero anch'io che si sistemino le cose in fretta per chi vive in quelle zone...
    Ieri attraversavamo il Ponte per il North Shore e c'era un vento...!!
    Le foto della ricerca dell'oro evocano la mia infanzia,in cui leggevo le storie sull'oro e guardavo "La casa nella prateria"..che regalo mi hai fatto..

  2. Hai visto la foto sul giornale stamattina? Era quel ponte li, ha tagliato la regione in due!

  3. Are you stranded there? Roads washed out and all sorts of people re-routing themselves around the island.

  4. We were lucky James, we left just before the weather turned nasty!


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