Sunday, February 10, 2013

A few Heart ideas for St. Valentine, and possibly a way to increase blog visits?

Heart Biscuits for Saint Valentine
These are decorated with fondant icing, just roll the fondant and cut using the same cookie cutter as for the biscuit below. Brush the (baked) biscuit with a little jam and place the cut out fondant on top for a smooth finish. For more ideas click here.

And these are Vegan

Heart Sushi and Onigiri for Saint Valentine

Vegan sushi shaped like hearts (like in this photos, you can find the link here),  

Heart Salad? 
Daikon and beetroot salad, using cookie cutters
Heart Cake Pops

Chocolate fondant heart pops, click here

Inside a Heart 
Or just use a Heart container like for this strawberry pudding


Twilight appetizer and Twilight dessert
click here (Vegan)

Rich Chocolate, and hand made heart flags

From my book Party Food for Girls, Photo by Shaun Cato-Symonds, Recipe by Alessandra Zecchini ©

Pinterest for ideas!

Or you can find more hearts, not necessarily edible, on my Pinterest board Hearts

An extra word about Pinterest: I love it and pin for pleasure (quite unrelated to my blog really), and in fact until about three months ago I didn't really noticed much difference to my blog visits, maybe 100 or so more every month. Now this is well over 1000 per month and possibly a big factor in my increased visitors' numbers (in the last month I had 45,622 visits). Pity that the spammers are increasing too...

Do you pin? And is it increasing the number of visit to your blog?


  1. Quanti bei cuori, quasi mi fanno apprezzare questa festa! ;)

  2. Che meravigliose idee! Una più bella (e buona) dell'altra Ale! :D Io non ho Pinterest, non saprei dire.. ma leggerti è sempre interessantissimo! <3

  3. che meraviglia tutti questi cuoricini ♥♥♥!!!!!
    io non uso ci sto pensando, anche perchè fotografo ogni cosa! :))

  4. Heart sushi is such a cool idea:-)

  5. Gorgeous! Re pinterest think I need to pin my own stuff more regularly :)

  6. Yeah I think that made a big difference Mairi :-)

    Also, I used to pin only photos that I liked, but many pinners are actually looking at stuff that is easy to make and comfort food, not just pretty photos.

  7. che bellissima raccolta!!
    io non sono così romantica, credo di aver "festeggiato" San Valentino una volta sola in tutta la vita e mi sta bene così, ma ci sono altre occasioni per sperimentare i tuoi dolcetti ^_^

    Pinterest non lo uso, proprio perchè non mi va di aumentare lo spam, non ho un blog così popolare come il tuo per cui alla fine mi ritroverei con 2 visitatori in più ma 1000 spammoni e vorrei evitarlo :D
    Buona domenica.

  8. Gli spammers sono veramente una rottura infatti. Bisogna trovare dei modi più efficaci di liberarsene.

  9. Che post delizioso!
    Ho adorato il sushi a cuore :-)

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