Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two quick ideas: fruit pearls, and baked halloumi rolls

Quick post today, and two food ideas (ideas rather than recipes...)

I make fruit salad with watermelon and blueberries quite often, I really like the colours together, and there is no need for sugar. This time I also had some Cape Gooseberries and some Alpine strawberries in the garden, so I added them in. Very effective, and a sugar free healthy dessert!

The second idea: (and I just wished that I had this idea before!) 
We eat quite a bit of halloumi at home, easy to prepare and serve on a bed of sautéed vegetables or couscous, or with a salad. But I thought that there must be another way instead of always grilling it or pan frying it! So I cut it into slices and rolled it in filo pastry, a bit like for a Chinese spring roll. I brushed the pastry with water (this way it doesn't brown too quickly), and baked it! Some leaked a bit, but remained compact (unlike Edam that runs everywhere and burn!), and it was so delicious and easy to do that it is going to become a staple at home (also because it is nice cold too, and the kids had it in their lunch boxes!).

I hope these ideas are useful :-). Ah, and yesterday I think that I got my Pageviews' record too: 4,028 for the day! Must comment on newspapers more often :-).

Photos and recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Mi hai convinto!Sto puntando l'halloumi da quando sono arrivata qui e non l'ho ancora comprato ti rendi conto Ale??!!

  2. Tra quelle perle di frutta stupenda e quei panini.. non saprei che scegliere! Che meraviglia amica mia! un bacione!! :D

  3. That salad has remarkable color and I love your idea for the wrapped halloumi. Your ideas rival your recipes :-). Have a wonderful day, Alessandra. Blessings...Mary

  4. Veloci e una meglio dell'altra :-) Bacioni cara!!

  5. Awww the fruit pearls look SO pretty! Nice idea for BBQ season which is going to come up very soon here. :)

  6. scelgo gli involtini con la pasta fillo, lo sai che adoro la cucina greca!

  7. Io mi tuffo nella frutta...sono stufa di mele e arance :-)

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