Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palermo Soho, La Boca, and Recoleta Cemetery

Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho was one of my favourite spots in Buenos Aires. Monica took us there for dinner and it was lively and full of funky restaurants, bars, shops and a night craft market. Arantxa bought some of these hand made spooky dolls and I promised her that I was going to take her back the day after for lunch and a stroll. Eating is easy for vegetarians, (I recommend the smoothies), and there is pizza everywhere (as well as faina for vegans - this is made with chickpea flour)! And pasta, or salads that came in huge bowls! We also went to Palermo Hollywood, another place with good bars and restaurants, but less shops.

La Boca

Unlike Palermo, La Boca is a very touristic place, but definitely a must (in daylight) because it is so much fun to photograph all the colourful buildings, and see the tango dancers in the streets. And for my growing collection of photos of doors and windows!! 

La Recoleta Cemetery

Last but not least: I wasn't sure if to add this or not, but it was one of the most interesting for the kids, especially because they are not used to see cemeteries like the one in Recoleta. They were so happy that we visited it and followed the tour with great interest.

Recoleta is a beautiful area, in many way it reminds me of Milan, and the Recoleta cemetery of the Monumentale (a famous cemetery in Milan).  Free one hour tours are available (tips are welcomed) in Spanish and English, and these are very good tours which give you an insight into the history and the art pieces in the cemetery, as well as the history and culture of this country. I think that some people on our tour were a little shocked and spooked out, especially seeing all the old coffins covered in dust in some of the tombs, and also by the cost of some of the mausoleums (they cost as much as an apartment!). But this is a place where the tourist should go to appreciate the art (and there are some amazing sculptures, like the one commemorating the Argentinian immigrant below), not to judge how people choose to grieve. 

I have published only a few photos here, as I am sure that some people may find it bad taste or strange, but remember that this is a travel blog too, and this a travel destination. The only visible name on a grave in this post is in the last photo; the guide told us the story of this girl, stressing that it may be true or not true (no way for us to know), but is now a very established urban myth. And possibly the most beautiful Art Nouveau tomb in Recoleta.

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


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  2. Oh no che peccato, sono appena tornata a Montevideo... dove abiti?



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