Friday, May 3, 2013

Food market in Cusco (Mercado de Wanchaq), Peru

If you go to Cusco look out for this place, the name is Mercado de Wanchaq, it is mostly a food market and there are hardly any tourists here (they are all in the craft markets in the touristic part of the city), but plenty of locals selling and buying food. Arantxa found it on the map and took us there, maybe later on she will let me publish some of her photos! I only took photos of fruit and vegetables, but there were also butchers with different kinds of meat including Guinea pigs, skinned they look like gigantic rats! 

I loved the variety of potatoes available here, brown, yellow, blue, purple...

And the variety of fruit. Look at the size of these avocados!

Most sellers seems to be the producers as well, a real farmers market!

There are also many varieties of corn, the big white one being the most prized.

Going home after shopping

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. alessandra che magnifico reportage :-)))

  2. What amazing place! Aways I love food market and well Peru has amazing food And alwsys. Surprise me the varieties of potatos; corns and fruits!!
    Look some places I saw in Bolivia; really beauty!!

    1. Next time I really want to visit Bolivia too!

  3. The strawberries look beautiful:).

  4. Yes, quite big, we had lots of strawberry shakes in Peru!



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