Sunday, May 5, 2013

Peru through Arantxa's lens


Saksaywaman, outside Cusco and at 3,701 m high

Inca terraces

This is an interesting image for a vegetarian blog, but some of you may be interested in seeing it: roasted Guinea pigs, a delicacy in Peru, where they are raised just like any other farm animal, i.e. for food.

Machu Picchu

Photos  by Arantxa Zecchini Dowling ©


  1. Lovely photos. I especially like how they decorate their llama. As a vegetarian, do you find animals that are kept as pets in other countries icky in terms of meat, or is all meat equal? As a meat eating rabbit lover, I'd never eat a bunny (wild or pet) and I'd never eat a pet guinea pig. But in Peru, I might try it if the opportunity arose.

    1. I think that being a vegetarian means that I don't have this "differentiation issue", I am lucky! But I do find it strange when people who eat lamb, veal, piglets and chicken go all funny when you talk about Guinea pigs or rabbits. I can understand horse, you could say that it is cultural for the British, but rabbits and Guinea pigs have been seen as pets since only a few decades, before then they were food in the West too. Guinea pig is a very special dish in Peru, eaten at weddings and birthdays and special occasions.

  2. Fantastic photos, love the first one especially. Eating Guinea Pig sounds a bit odd but why not. Not that different I guess to eating rabbit but they are much smaller. If they are fed properly then I just might try if I was in Peru,. Take care Diane

  3. I love Arantxa pictures so much!! I love llamas pictures!!
    You knitt? The peruvian wool is beautiful!!


  4. che magnifiche foto Alessandra, stai facendo un viaggio da sogno ! Buona settimana !

  5. Yumm.. I could change my favourite gin&tonic for a strawberry and peach drink!


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