Thursday, June 6, 2013

Antipasto easy easy: pickled peppers stuffed with feta and herbs

You can see them in the deli department of all the supermarkets, little red peppers stuffed with feta, and they are not cheap! But mostly, if you have a big party they go too quickly! But for a fraction of the deli price you can buy a couple of jars of sweet pickled peppers and a block of creamy feta, and then you just need a few herbs from the garden, and a little milk to thin down the feta. And a bit of patience!

Cut the feta (goat or cow) and place in a bowl, then with a fork start to mix it, adding some milk until you have a paste as thick as Greek yogurt. If you cannot find feta cheese, or for a milder flavor, use cream cheese. Chop some herbs like basil, dill, chives and/or parsley (or what you have fresh in the garden). You can use just one herb or a mixture of herbs. Or you can use an already flavoured feta, or dried spices like black pepper and cumin seeds (a combo that I particularly like with cream cheese). 

Mix the herbs with the feta mixture. In the meantime drain the pickled peppers and place open side down on a plate to drain all their liquid for 30 minutes or so. Then with a teaspoon fill all the peppers with a little feta mixture. This take time but it isn't difficult, as the cheese mixture is soft and will 'pour' easily inside the little peppers. Finally refrigerate everything for a few hours (better overnight) so that the feta mixture will set, and serve as an antipasto or canapés. Leftover feta mixture can be used as a dip.

Photos and Recipe by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Look lovely and delicious Alessandra! ciao!

  2. I love these little stuffed pepperdews and as you say, they can be quite expensive so it's great to make an at home version :D

    1. Pepperdews, so in Australia you use the same name as in NZ! I wasn't sure if I would have been understood :-)

  3. I agree with Lorraine, they are expensive and it seems easy to make them at home.

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    BTW other bloggers, are you getting more spam these days?

  5. not so veggie but... I prefer to stuff it with anchovies and capers :-)

  6. Love these Alessandra! Not too much spam but people have to type in some of those letters & words to leave a comment :)


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