Monday, November 25, 2013

National Honey Week recipe: Parmigiano with Airborne Bush Honey and coffee - Parmigiano con miele e caffè

New Zealand's first National Honey Week ( 25- November - 2 December) starts today, and to celebrate I am proposing something a bit different: Parmigiano con miele e caffè!

I wish this was one of my creations, but I cannot take the credit: it is in fact an appetizer (but also served as a cheese course, or with a good vino da meditazione - meditation wine that I first tried in my village in Italy (Sestola, an excellent Parmigiano producing area) about 20 years ago. It was very fashionable then, and it may be still now for all I know, I am not sure, but it is definitely very original, and too good not to share!

All you need is real Italian Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio (over 30 months aging), good quality creamy honey and good ground coffee (espresso quality). If you cannot find 30 month old Parmigiano, look for a 24 month, or you can try with a younger Parmigiano, but really, here you have only three ingredients, and the better they are, the best the end result.

Cut the Parmesan into bite size chunks, spread with honey and sprinkle with ground coffee. The pairing of these three flavours really works. I used Airborne Bush Honey because I like bush honey, but I also had it with other New Zealand honey varieties, and I guess the honey choice goes down to personal taste (and the coffee choice too... but make sure it is finely ground!).

Happy National Honey Week everyone!

If you like to enter a recipe with honey you could win a fantastic bumper pack of New Zealand honey varieties – including Manuka, Rata, Kamahi, Clover, Honeydew, Vipers Bugloss and Tawari. Prizes also include the Jamie Oliver “Cooks Summer” recipe book (to help you kick off the festive/summer season!), a behind the scenes cooking experience with Geoff Scott, at Vinnie’s and a luxurious meal for two. If you aren’t able to get to Auckland, the team at Airborne will happily organise something equivalent in your area. Three runners-up will also receive smaller honey pack prizes. You can email the link for your entry to:

click here for the full details.

This recipe was one of the finalists!

Photos and recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Mi piace questo abbinamento, che non credo di aver mai provato, sarà abbastanza semplice reperire il parmigiano con quella stagionatura, anche per il miele non ho problemi, anzi ultimamente mi è stato regalato dl mese di sambuco semplicemente incredibile.

    Ci proverò sicuramente.

    Qui sta per arrivare la neve, tu hai iniziato i bagni al mare? :)

  2. Ciao Loredana, prova e fammi sapere, non ho mai assaggiato il miele al sambuco, ma dev'essere buonissimo! Il bagno non l'ho ancora fatto, ma molti sì, adesso fa veramente caldo!

  3. Ho sempre trovato grana e miele una squisitezza... non sapevo anche del caffè, ma mi pare interessante.

  4. Devi provare Alli, salato (umami) dolce e amaro a strati... funziona :-).


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