Friday, June 6, 2014

Homemade mascarpone with honey, pistachio and dried strawberries

Making mascarpone at home is one of my favourite occupations these days! A part from the 'magic' of it, and the resemblance to a chemistry experiment (I made this with Max, actually, he made it with me in the background giving instructions and liked doing it!) it is also so much cheaper, fresh and delicious that the one you buy! 

For the mascarpone recipe just click here, it is easier that you may think! When the mascarpone is ready just add a tbsp of honey (I used Tawari) and fold. Divide the mascarpone into 4 cups and it is ready to be eaten or topped with what you fancy. 

This time I just toasted a few pistachios in a pan, then I rub them with a tea towel to take away loose skins and chopped them coarsely. Then I also added some Fresh As dried strawberries, crunchy and full of flavour and aroma. A simple dessert that everyone loved!

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©

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This recipe is for Sweet New Zealand #35, the blogging event open to all Kiwi bloggers (living in NZ or overseas) and expats blogging from NZ. June's host is Amanda from Move Love Eat  Click here to share you sweet creations with the Sweet New Zealand team! Also let me know if you are keen to be a host in 2014, and book a month for you!


  1. This looks lovely Alessandra, the Fresh As dried strawberries are so yummy, my kids eat them before I get to use them in cooking! Thanks for the link to the marscapone need to make this again soon.

    1. My kids eat them from the packet too, and all the other Fresh As fruit, they are so yummy and smell so good :-)

  2. una crema golosissima Alessandra, buona settimana !

  3. Buona settimana anche a te Chiara :-)

  4. I love making my own mascarpone too. I tend to use it a lot in savoury dishes, but I love this idea for a simple dessert.

  5. I like it with gorgonzola, but for the rest I mostly use it for desserts rather than savory dishes… or I just eat it by the spoonful!

  6. Homemade mascarpone! Sounds delicious! Love the strawberry and pistachio combo!

  7. Buonissimo! Mai pensato di fare il mascarpone a casa, mi fermavo a formaggio e yogurt, grazie per il suggerimento!

  8. What a nice simple dessert and so great that it doubles as a science experiment!



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