Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baking fairly for Sweet New Zealand

There are so many good Fair Trade and Trade Aid ingredients for baking, and although I have already submitted my entry for the Big Fair Bake I thought of using more 'fair' ingredients for Sweet New Zealand. The August edition is hosted by Munch Cooking as a celebration of Wellington on a Plate, so they have suggested using a Wellington ingredient, like Whittaker's (in my pack of Fair Trade goodies!)

I made some cupcakes using 3 eggs, 130 g of Trade Aid cane sugar, 1 tbsp of Trade Aid baking cocoa,  120 g butter, 1 banana and 150g of self rising flour. And then I added one square of milk chocolate in each cupcake. 

We ate half of them very quickly they were so good, and the other half Arantxa decorated and took to a sleep over to share with her friends.

 I made them again after a few days, but this time I put some of my date and chocolate truffles in the centre, plus I topped them with some whipped coconut cream, thus using 4 more Trade Aid ingredients.

Sweet NZ image
I like to enter this post for Sweet New Zealand #37, the blogging event open to every one blogging in NZ, and all the Kiwi bloggers living overseas! This month of July is hosted by Munch Cooking. Click here to enter! And let me know if you are keen to host Sweet New Zealand in September!

 Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. hanno un aspetto molto goloso! prendo la ricetta!!!

    1. Ciao Matematicaecucina, e grazie per la visita :)

  2. beautiful Alessandra!!!!!
    Un abbraccio cara!

  3. Wow they look awesome Alessandra! Thank you for entering our Sweet NZ. It is such a fun thing to do.

  4. My pleasure Michelle, and thank you for hosting :-)

  5. Beautiful cupcakes! Love the flower on top. Little decorations make the cupcake so cute!

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