Wednesday, June 22, 2016


One of my favourite dishes from my village in Italy, borlenghi or berleghi. A bit like a savoury crepe, made with a simple batter, just flour, a pinch of salt and enough water to thin it down to a glue consistency (in fact the batter is called colla, i.e. glue!). Then it is cooked between two very hot and greased flat iron plates called cotte and turned several times until cooked (still flexible and soft but a little crispy on the borders). For the dressing traditionally lard is used, but since I don't eat meat I use salted butter mixed with finely chopped fresh rosemary and garlic. Then add parmigiano reggiano and fold. Eat immediately, and patiently wait for another one! 

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. piatti della tradizione italiana, poveri negli ingredienti ma buonissimi!

  2. A dire il vero anche in italia ormai sta scomparendo un po' questa ricetta, ma la reputo buonissima.

  3. Grazie per i commenti Matematicaincucina e Mila, passo la vita a creare e provare nuovi piatti da tutto il mondo, ma la tradizione è importante, e cercherò di passarla ai miei figli.
    E poi sono così buoni!!


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