Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fanano, and lunch in Canevare

Next fo my village there is another pretty village, with old houses and traditions. We went for a guided tour and were lucky enough to visit the clock tower (something that many friends who lived all their life in Fanno told me they never did!). Ahhh the beauty of coming back as a tourist! It also made me appreciate more everything that I use to give for granted when I was leaving there!

The staircases inside the clock tower

Homes, churches, towers, roofs, streets, little details, and everything surrounded by snowy mountains 

Not far there is another tiny village, which is under the Fanano Council, the name is Canevare, and it has a beautiful stone church and square, high up in the mountains.

There is also a fine restaurant (and hotel), Albergo Ristorante Gabriella, where they make their own pasta (ok, all restaurants do the same here, we are in Emilia Romagna after all), beautiful jams, cakes and so on... anyway, this was the menu in January

I had the Rustici di Patate (potato ravioli with pomegranate and rosemary), and it was divine!

Husband and kids all had the spaghettoni ai funghi (homemade spaghetti with mushrooms), which were good, but not as good as my rustici!

Lovely mountain style decor throughout the place

Then we had some cheese, accompanied by Gabriella's famous jams and preserves, delicious!

And they brought us a complimentary basket of gnocco fritto, my favourite fried bread!!

Grappa and liqueurs to digest
Will definitely be back here! Ciao Fanano e ciao Canevare!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©

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