Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Spaghetti with poppies - flowers for eating and flowers for posies

This should be with tagliatelle really, but I didn't have tagliatelle and I was home eating alone, so I didn't feel like making some either. And so I used spaghetti, which is strange for me as I never have spaghetti with butter. But it was quick and delicious, and the poppies in the garden were calling me...  I have planted a few (from seeds) in different post all around the house to have splashes of red, but petals don't last long, and I didn't want to raid all the poppy flowers in the garden for a full family meal.  Next year though I will plant many more, to eat both the spring leaves and the flowers.

For one:
Collect petals from a few poppies, about 8-10, and clean well with moist tissue paper. Cook the spaghetti (or tagliatelle) al dente, drain and add salted butter to taste, plus half a tsp of culinary poppy seeds (you can buy these in the herb section of the supermarket), and most of the petals, keeping aside a couple to top the dish. Stir and serve immediately, decorated with the remaining poppy petals.

I almost forgot to take a photo, so the plate looks a bit messy (I was already eating), and it was really yum!

And now some photos of other flowers from the garden, and posies, for Pinterest :-).

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©

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