Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cavi art!!!!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©

Well, fancy that...seaweed caviar for vegetarians! This is Cavi.art
I found it in the supermarket, there is black, red and green (wasabi flavour), and I was very courious!

Actually, it tastes quite good, fresh and lightly 'marine' in a seaweed sort of way...no fishy smell or oily aftertaste...

It may not taste like caviar, but it is an ethical substitute, and the texture and feel to the palate is very pleasant. Also, it is not so expensive...

Here on buttered crostini with dill.


  1. Fabulous blog page Alessandra - congratulations. I can't wait to travel back to Kyoto and try some Shojinryori at Izusen. Like you, I enjoy splashing out on at least one expensive meal whenever I am in a new city. These experiences are often those that last the longest in my memory, and I even have fun trying (usually unsuccessfully) to cook the meal when I get home.
    I'm looking forward to checking back for your next entry.

  2. Ciao Alessandra! Bel blog! Questo prodotto è fantastico, dovrò informarmi se viene commercializzato anche in Europa...

  3. Thank you Jeff, and you can always pop by for a bit to eat, if you like, we are not that far after all!

    Yari, spero che troverai il caviale vegetariano in Italia. Io arrivo fra una settimana e mi guardero' in giro. Se lo vedo te lo faccio sapere!

    Anche il tuo blog mi piace, posso mettere il tuo link sulla mia lista di blogs interessanti?





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