Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Good' Ideas for Christmas!

Ok I am a bit late with the Xmas ideas, but here they are:
first I am recycling some of last year ideas, so I opened the boxes with my handmade paper decorations which I made for Good Magazine. Click here to see, there are quite a few more ideas like garlands made out of popcorn and dried chillies, or biscuits men and ladies to hang on the tree. One of my favourite is this modular origami (follow the step by step instructions on the Good Magazine website and recycle your Xmas wrapping paper!)

In the last few years I also made the gingerbread house, using normal biscuit base (I am not a big fan of proper gingerbread biscuits...) and quite a bit of ready made icing to shape the chimney, snowmen, letterbox, tree, etc. The children really enjoyed making this one, but this year I will do something different which I hope to post later on. Till then....ciao!

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  1. Prima o poi mi cimenterò anch'io nella casetta di Natale col biscotto ;-)

  2. Yari, I have always dreamed building a cookie house when I was a child, and I started to make them when I had children :-) for them and for me :-)

  3. Cute craft.
    I still did not finish my Xmas tree...:(



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