Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet As book give-away

I have one copy of one of my books, Sweet As...easy to make desserts and baked treats, to give away for Christmas to a lucky blogger! All you have to do is to follow me, either here, or on Only Recipes, or on both (for a double entry). All those who are already following me are already included (but feel free to follow me in the other blog too for a double entry!), and it doesn't matter where you live in the world, I will post the book to you :-)

Now, I am sure that there is a gadget somewhere in cyber world that I could use to extract the lucky winner....but since I don't know it I will, (lets' say after a week?) write all your names on pieces of paper, put them into a hat, and ask one of my children to pick one. And then I will let you know. For more info about Sweet As click here.

Good luck


Updated 22 December 2009!

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa Just did the hat businness (well, actually instead of using a hat we use one of my daughter little bags). Arantxa put her hand in the bag and she was very excited by the whole experience, like she was going to win something...and she picked...Yari from Congratulation Yari, I will let you know, and also put this message on the book competition post (which is here!) Thank you to all for entering, Next month I will organize another book and competition, if you like! ciao Alessandra


  1. Can't wait!!!!
    Saretta :)

  2. Vediamo se sono fortunata!

  3. Auguri ragazze!.

    Saretta, pero' dovresti mettere il tuo avatar nella lista dei followers, o qui o sul mio altro blog, Only Recipes, (o su tutti e due per entrare due volte) per essere sorteggiata :-)

  4. will do the selecting for you if you like ;-)

  5. Thank you Penny. I had a look, but I only found the paying option, do you know if there is free (and easy) one? otherwise I will go over budget with book and posting... ;-)

  6. I wish everyone included ! ;)

  7. OK mi sono inserito ovunque! Already keeping my fingers crossed :-)

  8. Good Luck to all so far.

    @ Vanille, you need to put your avatar among the followers to be in :-)

    PS, of course I'll write a dedication on the book, if you like, like "to the best blogger/cook/writer....' hehehehe

  9. Just found your site! Lovely recipes & great photos. Cheers.

  10. Welcome Heather, your blog is lovely, and I have learned that in Canada you call broccoli romani Romanesco cauliflower...good thing when I have to do a google search!



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