Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunny Xmas in the bush, with foraging and green dip

Lovely sunny day for Xmas in Auckland, my daughter set the table for us,

and for the fairies in the bush.

I must have been good this year because I got quite a few presents, including a new pairs of gumboots, which I used immediately to get into the garden to pick strawberries and flowers for the table.

I also went foraging in the neighbor property (he is cool about it) to pick some watercress. It is a bit late for watercress, the flowers are already out, but I could still pick some to mix to other greens to make a tasty dip.

Green Dip

A mixture of watercress, rocket (rucola), and Genovese basil, (or any greens and herbs you like)
3 handfuls of cashew nuts
2 garlic cloves, peeled
1 slice of aged pecorino cheese (optional)
a little water
Salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to finish

Blend the first 5 ingredients, then add salt and olive oil to taste. Serve with homemade bread, as a dip or as a spread.

Of course I made other things for Christmas lunch, but I think that I will put the recipes on the blog very slowly. This was the starter.

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