Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trapani ed Erice

This was my first taste of Sicily, unfortunately too brief and 'confusing' to make detailed comments or take good photos, but I can only say that it left me wanting to discover more. For now here is:

Above: It feels very North African. Below: Spaghetti alla Norma


But not always...

At the Hotel Moderno, everybody in my party ate fish (apparentely this place is famous for its fish couscous), but I had pasta with pesto alla trapanese (I put here a link from the blog
Io da Grande with the recipe - in Italian). Below: Antipasti, china, and sweet things.

In Erice there is also the Castle of venus, built over a temple where Venus Ericina was worshipped. The legend says that the temple was founded by Aeneas, and the oldest walls were build by the architect Dedalus. Later the Normans did the rest. I thought this to be a very fine place, and the view was amazing, mostly because the weather was uncertain that day and I could not distinguish the sea horizon, which just blended with the sky into a never-ending brush of aquamarine.

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. se dovesse ricapitare e so che ricapiterà a cavallo tra luglio e agoto, please

  2. The pics are spectacular. I love Sicily, I've been there twice, but never in Trapani and Erice. You make me eager to go back soon.

  3. I also think that the photos are beautiful, and I feel like going there and eating those cakes!!!

  4. Enza, saro' in Italia da marzo ad ottobre, ma luglio/agosto non sono mesi facili per andare in Sicilia (molto cara quei mesi). Comunque vedro' :-), non si sa mai!

    @ Yari and Jo, thank you ;-)

  5. Ho alsciato un pezzo di cuore in Sicilia ma, mi manca tutto il versante ovest che descivi!
    Che bello torni in patria?Chissà che riusciamo ad incontrarci ;)

  6. Saretta, mio fratello abita a Milano, sono sicura che riusciremo ad incontrarci!




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