Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is a blessing to have friends around the globe, but it is also hard to keep in touch. After a few years, if there are no chances of meeting up, correspondence may relent or fail us, and sometimes we loose touch completely for years. But then, if we are fortunate and determined enough to meet again, old friendships seem never lost, and sometimes more 'mature' friendships blossom.

And then there are those cases which are almost 'formal'. Correspondence is rich at first, and then diminishes down (yes, even with emails!) to the once a year New Year's greetings. This is what has happened with my friend Yoko. We got busy. We got married, and we had children. And we lived in two different continents. At the beginning I could go back to Japan and meet her briefly, check on the kids and so on, but after a few years it became hard.

But in the last New Year card I wrote to her I had the impulse of writing also my blog address, and there she was, back in touch, and telling me that her husband had opened a restaurant in Tokyo. So, to celebrate our renewed contact, I will show you her restaurant!

Now, the vegetarians followers of this blog may be surprised that I show pictures of a meaty restaurant, but as probably 98% of my friends are not vegetarians, and some of them read my blog anyway, here is something for them to look at! And in a way I like to show meat and fish eaters the same courtesy that I would like to receive from them (and that, fortunately, I mostly enjoy anyway).

Yoko tells me that her husband's shop (in Japan this is defined as a shop, not a restaurant) is called EN 縁
(in my dictionary the kanji translates as relation, or connection, Yoko please let me know if this is wrong!)

Yoko says: "Because beef and the internal organs meat are mainly cooked on the charcoal fire, with the aid of a clay stove called SITIRIN, they are very delicious!
Please stop by when you come to Tokyo!"

I will do Yoko, and maybe you could cook, just for me, some tofu!!!! And we will drink some sake together :-)!

3-25-8 Syakujii tyo Nerimaku Tokyo


  1. Anche se dall'altra parte del mondo vivo le tue stesse esperienza. Uno dei motivi principale della nascita del mio blog e` stato proprio quello di rimanere in contatto.
    Posso chiederti come mai sei in Nuova Zelanda? Deve essere un paese bellissimo..

  2. This is a lovely post, and the restaurant looks fab!
    I am happy you found your old friend :)

  3. Thank you for the comments ladies.

    @ Ilaria, ho sposato un neozelandese, e quindi sono qui (per ora). :-)

  4. Interesting story, Alessandra. Happy for you.

  5. I'm one of those too who have difficulty to keep contact in long term with people I don't see anymore...
    Any way, that's good you finally manage to revive this friendship !
    I like the interior of this restaurant. Nice atmosphere.

  6. I read the introductory essay of "縁" that you had written. And, it was impressed very much.

    Because the sentences have written not only the introduction of the shop but also our current friendship relation.

    I think that it is very glad that the friendship was the re-popular with you.
    Want to express gratitude to the god for it is feelings.

    Thank you very very much .

    and I read some comments of 縁.

    I am very happy♪

    Thank you Ilaria,Jo,
    Arfi Binsted,Vanille !!



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