Monday, February 22, 2010

The peach tree, and what I have learned from Twilight

Well, the week-end was interesting, couldn't have foreseen the popularity of the last post, thank you all for the comments, re-tweets, and emails, I know now that the Twilight saga is bigger than I had imagined! In fact I was really tempted to make a little experiment and call this post something like, 'Renesmee peach drink' in honour of Renesmee's peachy complexion (for those who don't know yet, Renesmee is the half human-half vampire daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen), just to see into how many other web spaces it would automatically come up! But this is another story.

I have a peach tree, grown from a discarded seed in the bush. Actually, there are two, but one is quite deep in the forest, while the other was struggling in the border of the open garden, battling for space. We don't cut native trees in the Waitakere ranges, this is a protected area, and I wouldn't do it anyway, so no chances of me clearing the space around the poor fruit tree! But it was close enough for me to train it to grow sideways out of the forest and into an open space, over the little Japanese garden I built. In fact it looks quite like a gigantic bonsai now, and in spring the flowers really suit the Japanese garden.

For many years I only had a handful of peaches, but finally this summer the tree was full!

The peaches are smaller than the ones I can find in shops, but they taste great, and they are mine!! What a satisfaction! Thank you lovely tree! A part from eating them by themselves I am making smoothies, like this one, with peaches, banana and apple juice from the local orchard.

And then fruit salads. I like peaches with raspberries, but the season is finished now, so I used the last strawberries and blueberries (marinated with a little sugar and lemon juice for a few hours), than I add peaches and vanilla meringues.

To make the meringues I used two tablespoons of caster sugar for each egg white, and a little vanilla paste (which is full of vanilla seeds). And then, why not, I topped everything with whipped cream :-) (come on, I don't do that that often!!!)


Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Berries, peaches, meringue and cream....yes!!!!

  2. forgot to ask:

    how many calories?

  3. Oh, how I miss home and summer fruits living here in Austria...Thanks for the bit of sunshine (though I'm afraid I've never seen Twilight and therefore can't make any intelligent comments about whther the peaches really are like her cheeks)...

  4. @ Jo, :-) you know that I don't eat desserts like this everyday :-D. Don't tell me that you are on a diet!

    @ Sasasunakky, welcome, lovely to meet you.

    No stone fruit in Austria? I though they would have apricots and cherries...and so on...maybe no peaches as much...well, let me know.
    Aroha nui

  5. Oh, lucky you, a peach tree !
    I think I can't get enough of all the stone fruits in Summer !
    I just discovered peacherines in the farmers market last Sunday. Never heard about them before... but they taste so good.

  6. They do have them - good ones too and lots of lovely berries, just not *now* - it's very definitely cabbage and dumpling season, hehe. I do hope the stars align and we can eat something together in Italy! I've got a great many lovely friends I met on the internet, despite how odd it sounds.

  7. Sasa, no odd at all, I met great people on the internet, especially foodies! :-)

    Uh Vanille, i just remembered the taste of peachines!

  8. Lucky you! Wish I had a peach tree! I can hardly wait for summer and good locally grown fresh fruit! Your dish of fruit looks so delicious!



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