Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bormio, the mountains and more food

No photos of me skiing (you really don't want to see those!) just some views...

And now the last photos of the food at the Hotel San Lorenzo. While the other family members ate cereals and eggs for breakfast, I had cake! Truly, Italian style, in the mountains, I could eat fruit and jam tarts with my caffelatte! Yes!!! My daughter tried too, and she prefers it to a Kiwi breakfast!

This is a traditional starter in Valtellina: Sciatt, local cheese dipped in a buckwheat batter, and fried.


Bread gnocchi with herbs
Parmesan pudding (savoury, a starter)
Spinach roulade with polenta tarragna, fennel and cheese sauce
Ah, the cheese tray...I mean, trolley!!!
Taneda semifreddo (Taneda is a local herb liqueur)
Grilled Tomino Cheese
Local wine, this Chiavennasca was very nice!
Pumpkin and maltagliati pasta soup
Herbs and ricotta ravioli
The local buckwheat pasta: Pizzoccheri. Traditionally these are served with a sauce made with potatoes, savoy cabbage and local cheese (and they are delicious!) but tonight I will try to make a vegan version. I will let you know!


Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Wow you really are enjoying some fabulous food. It all looks delicious.

  2. Waiting for the vegan version, then! Great place, indeed!

  3. Amazing! I love everything, especially the pasta towards the end with cream sauce. What really caught my interest was the parmesan pudding! I would love to make one of that , thanks for sharing. great post!

  4. Vegan version coming up Yari!

    Welcome thexword

  5. Vegan version coming up Yari!

    Welcome thexword



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