Monday, March 29, 2010

Springtime in Brixia

Brixia is the Latin name of the modern city of Brescia, in the North of Italy. This is not a 'famous' city from a tourist's point of view. In fact I didn't see any foreign tourists at all! But what often happens in Italy is that if you walk around any city you are bound to find some historical surprises. And being a lovely and warm spring day we did walk around a lot!

The most important archaeological findings of Roman times are the Capitolium temple complex (above) and the two domus (Roman houses), which we visited in the Museum of Santa Giulia. These domus, which are among the best preserved in Northern Italy, were fantastic, with mosaic floors and painted walls like the ones that can be seen in Pompei or Ercolano. If you happen to visit Brescia I strongly recommend the museum, as a bonus at present there is also an amazing exhibition about the Inca, which is very well done (until June 27 2010). For the rest, here are some images of the Castle, and the streets of Brixia. Now I just hope that the sunny weather comes back, so that I can visit more cities!!!!

Il Duomo Nuovo


In the Castle

Putti ok... ...but dolphins???

Below, paintings on houses and fountains

Torre del Broletto

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. What fantastic photos, Alessandra. It is hard to leve places of such beauty.

  2. The important thing is always to look forward to the next place :-)



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