Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and capsicum recipes.

The first time I ate this salad was in Turkey, the mother of a good friend of our made it, all her food tasted amazing, but this recipe is particularly easy, and can be made anywhere in the world, without the need of special ingredients.

Just roast the capsicums whole, then put in a paper bag to sweat, then remove all the skins and seeds. Dress with a little extra virgin olive oil and salt (but just a very very little!). Mix some natural yogurt with some garlic, several cloves, squeezed through a garlic press. Add salt and, if you like, fresh mint leaves. Pour over the capsicums.

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©

And then I made a variation to serve in verrines, possibly in shot glasses for a fancy summer party. I blended the capsicum with olive oil, salt and a drop of lemon. I added some parsley to the green ones to have a stronger colour. Then I made layers and this time I used thick Greek style yogurt (always with garlic and salt). A vegan variation, without yogurt, is fine, if you like some layers of 'almost white' colour use a cannellini beans hummus or a mush potato salad (both beans and potatoes go well with roasted capsicums).

Very effective!!


  1. These are so pretty! They sort of remind me of an elegant version of the kid's mocktails "Traffic Lights" that I loved as a kid at Cobb and Co ;P

  2. Never seen the traffic lights mocktails...I'll do a search, I am curious! :-)

  3. AWESOME !!
    Super beautiful and super creative


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