Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick filled pasta

Ok, I cheated a bit: I didn't roll the pasta! Instead I used some Chinese wonton wrappers, and they were perfect for a very quick improvised first course. I had to make 6 portions, and as it was just a 'starter' I needed to make only 18 big 'ravioli'. For filling I used some spinach, cooked with olive oil, garlic and salt, and then mushed. I added some crumbled goat feta (crumbled tofu would be good for vegans) and simply folded the pasta wrappers into triangles.

When folding filled pasta make sure that there are no air bubbles inside. Also I needed to wet the borders with water before sealing them because they were a bit dry and wouldn't stick, but this is quite normal with bought wanton pastry.

Drop in salted simmering water (simmering, not boiling!) for a few minutes: it is ready when it rises to the surface. I lifted it out, piece by piece, with a slotted spoon and placed it straight into a pan with butter melted with a few sage leaves. To serve I decorated it with some fresh calendula petals (which are edible). Ready to go to the table!

Sorry about the first and the last photo, they were taken in a hurry with the iPhone, it was dark and we had guests. Not easy to take photos of pasta when you have guests waiting!

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. buongiorno!! che bella ricetta, complimenti...bacioni e buona domenica

  2. Anche a te Puffin. Qui e' quasi finita e tra un po' vado a nanna!

  3. Che idea fantastica! Un abbraccio

  4. i jealous of you using all those fresh flowers for garnishing they bring a special zeal for food :)

  5. Tutto goloso e virtualmente appetibile....peccato per il virtualmente!
    Io proseguo il tour!!!


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