Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010, Travel and Friends

Traveling is not so much about money, is about friends.

Last year was a year of travel for us. Travel but also many other things... a good year! I will travel again, I love traveling, but perhaps closer to home this year: the kids needs a full year at school, with their friends, and I need to do a few things around the house, and to concentrate on my work.

I have a lot of friends to thank for last year's travels, friends who opened their homes to us. Family too, of course, but somehow from family you expect this. But to have friends scattered around the globe is the best thing ever: we can all visit each other, often! And of course I have to thank my children for being such good kids, polite and thoughtful guests, easy to travel with.

So this year I will be more 'homey', looking around for ideas in home decor blogs, if you have any good suggestions please let me know :-)! And of course I am always keen on more gardening tips and inspirations!

Last year, in brief

January: a mega crop of everything in my veggie garden!

February: Left New Zealand for Singapore, Vietnam, and finally Italy!!!

March: Base in Lombardy, Skiing in the Alps, and popping into Switzerland... another dot in the kids' map!

April: Visiting several Italian cities, the highlights were in Tuscany... with some shopping too, for once!

May: More Italian cities, lakes, and villages to visit, with a base in Boario, where the kids attended school.

June: Summer again, with more cities to see, and a week in London!

July: New base in the Dolomites, trips to Austria, Slovenia, Germany and Sardinia.

August: Art immersion in Veneto, family time, and friends visiting :-)

September: More trips to wonderful places in Italy, including my Dad's birthplace, in Emilia Romagna, and his place of rest, in Sicily.

October: Back home, to New Zealand, and working hard at my book!

November: Traveling within New Zealand, for work as well as pleasure.

December: Summer again!!! And so good to have a Christmas at home... and to plan the next trip!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Oh, boring, boring life... I hope you will have an other nice year in 2011!

  2. What a wonderful year it was! I'm wishing you every happiness in 2011!

  3. great year, hope you have a better one in 2011!

  4. Buon Anno, Alessandra!
    Complimenti per aver riconosciuto Praga!

  5. A jam-packed year !
    I wish you as much happy and intense moments for 2011 !

  6. Giulia ti mando una mail per dirti come l'ho riconosciuta :-)

  7. accipicchia alessandra! non vi siete fermati un secondo!

    invidia quasi purissima (il quasi deriva dal fatto che ho paura dell'aereo, e immagino che tutto ciò abbia richiesto un bel po' di ore di volo)

    tanti auguri anche a voi di buon anno, che sia bello come il 2010!

    una curiosità: ma i pargoli come fanno con la scuola?

  8. I always want to travel to many countries, but it seems is still a dream. You are so lucky you can go anywhere you want :) Enjoy!

  9. Gaia, qui le scuole non si preoccupano troppo se i bambini perdono settimane, o mesi. Non e' come in Europa!

    La scuola comincia a Febbraio, hanno fatto 3 settimane e poi siamo partiti. Quasi ogni anno si perdono un paio di mesi e gli insegnati pensano solo che sia una buona esperienza. Questa volta pero' i mesi erano 7, e quindi hanno fatto 3 mesi di scuola in Italia, come auditori (sarebbero stati 4 mesi, abbiamo saltato alcune settimane per viaggiare, sciare, ecc.). E poi ci sono state le vacanze estive.

    Cosi' quest'anno hanno imparato a scrivere in italiano, e tante cose di storia e geografia che non imparano qui. E poi gli abbiamo fatto fare i compiti anche noi. Son tornati qui a scuola per l'ultimo semestre, non si sono persi molto mi sa, anzi, hanno portato a casa delle pagelle da sballo. La scuola insegna, ma ci sono cose che insegnano altrettanto bene.

  10. Arfi, if you don't have dreams, how can they become true! :-)


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