Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy to Impress Galliano Tart, and my Bottle of Rum!

New Year's cleaning in the air... I need more space! There is a cabinet full of bottles, I drink very little and I decided to finish up a few liqueurs, possibly by cooking them! I had this one, Italian Galliano, perfect for cakes and tarts!

I improvised: I used some frozen sweet short crust pastry as the base, and then mixed 3 eggs with 3 tbsp of sugar and 300 ml of cream. When the mixture was light and fluffy I added 75 ml of Galliano.

I added 10 savoiardi (sponge biscuits), crushed, and poured the mixture into the short crust pastry case. I baked the tart at 180°C for about 40 minutes. So easy!!!

Just needed to decorate it with icing sugar and borage flowers. It tasted great! I can use the same recipe with more liqueurs, like Sambuca, Amaretto, Frangelico, Rum....

Or maybe not!!! Sure I can use Rum, but not this bottle! I found it with the others... 23 years old, the best of Guatemala... It was presented to me in 2006, and I thought that it was so precious that I didn't want to open it.

The best part was that the master blender gave it to me, she is a lady (unusual, not many women are Rum Master Blenders) and she signed the bottle and wrote my name on it. I saw that the name and signature had almost faded, and I felt a bit... aware. Aware that the world is a transient place. Yes, I am not a drinker, but this year's resolution will be to open this bottle, maybe on a special occasion, or maybe just during a quiet evening at home. And celebrate life!

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Now this looks amazing...I have been on a baking spree and can't seem to stop..everywhere I turn someone is making something spectacular!

    Thank you for visitng me the other day...I adore your blog...finding new blogs like yours makes me very happy.

    Hugs for a great new week and new year. xo

  2. Che carina questa torta...fiorita ed ubriaca!
    Bel modo di liberarsi dei fondi di bottiglia.

    Quanto alla bottiglia preziosa, concordo e ti auguro di avere qualcosa di bellissimo da celebrare degnamente aprendola :-)

  3. It looks really good. Do you think umeshu also works?

  4. perfetta per festeggiare qualcosa di speciale!Un mondo di auguri!

  5. Sweet Snow Flakes, actually I have some umeshu, and that i do drink, as an aperitif :-) I love it! Maybe it could work for the cake, but since it is rare that there is a drink that I actually drink... I may never know! :-)

  6. Mamma mia che spettacolo!!!!Buon anno tesoro!!!Smack!!

  7. You are really quite creative in all that you do. I love your dessert and hope that the new year will hold a special occasion worthy of sipping that rum. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Ciao Alessandra..Complimenti per tutto e auguroni di buon anno anche a te!!
    Bellissima questa torta un pò "ubriaca""!!

  9. Bella la definizione di torta ubriaca.... non l'avevo mai usata :-)

  10. mi sono appena innamorata della tua torta, devo assolutamente farla!
    che cosa buona!


  11. I see a rum baba in your future, Alessandra! And you must live in paradise - such lovely photos! I never thought of using lentils as a filling in ravioli. I bet they were delicious.


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