Friday, April 16, 2010

Red Radicchio, Florence Fennel and Walnut Salad

Photo by Alessandra Zecchini©

A lovely and crisply salad made with fresh mixed leaves and red radicchio (the round type, which is crispy and lovely to eat raw). I find red radicchio a bit bitter, this is why I like to mix it with other green leaves. Then I added some finely cut Florence fennel, and some freshly shelled walnuts. For dressing I just used some good extra virgin olive oil, some lemon juice and some salt.

Also, I had some salad left over and I made a mega panino using crusty ciabatta bread, this salad (without dressing) and some gorgonzola cheese. It was super!!!!


  1. In my first year at this flat, I grew radicchio in my garden plot and found it really bitter. so I did not bother growing any more again. I should have done what you have mixed it with other leaves, that would have made it more edible.

    I love the colours of this salad too.

  2. Radicchio does like to co-mingle with other greens, Alessandra. Your salad evokes the colors of spring; and adding gorgonzola to it on a panino is right up my alley!

  3. @ Mangocheeks: Italians do like bitter greens, the bitterness takes out the sweetness in other ingredients, and it is supposed to be healthy.
    But the one I manage to grow seems even bitter!!! So I am so used to mix it, or to cook it, if it is the long type. (the one in this salad was the round type, less bitter and more crunchy).

  4. I love radicchio&nuts mix!Have you ever tried the dressing made with umeboshi mash, lenon juice&extra virgin oil?Superb!!!have a nice weekend, kissees

  5. Uh, sounds good Saretta! Do you need salt?

  6. I like small amounts of bitter greens and while radicchio is not a favorite a grill it in the summer to add color to our barbecues. Your salad looks and sounds delicious.

  7. Thank you Mary :-), my daughter doesn't like the grilled radicchio either, nor does my son...but if I add other things to the plate, like sweet cannellini beans, they'll eat it!


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