Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sick Animals (toys)

This is not about food, or travel, or books...but please indulge a mum who loves to play with her kids :-)!! Well, maybe this post is a little about travel really, traveling with children in fact. We have been away for 7 weeks now, the kids could only carry a handful of toys, and now we live in an apartment and they go to the local school (weeks in and weeks off) and self-study as much as they can. They are learning so many things, from the Italian language to history and geography, and art. But the lovely thing about children is that they never stop playing, wherever they are. This is what keeps them happy and healthy!

And I though that this was so cute!!!! Their animals got sick, several broken limbs and heads, improvised hospitals and bandages, and lots of get well cards and presents...I feel all 'soft', I just had to share it, after all I am traveling too ;-).

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini©


  1. Look at all those get well cards! I almost want to be a "pateint" too - what lovely kids they must be, how sweet.

  2. How very dear :-). I think its wonderful that your children are getting to experience and learn in the local schools. I've answered your question on my blog. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  3. Alessandra, sorry I would've emailed this but I can't find an email contact here for you. I bought these Italian greens in Switzerland on the weekend and they look a bit like grass. The name was something like brana de fetta but I can't for the life of me remember the exact name, google is no help and I want to blog them...Any ideas what they're called?

  4. Sasa, I'll send you an email :-)

  5. ale adesso capisco :D
    e adesso capisco perchè riesci a commentare ad orari insoliti.
    ma dove sei7Siete di preciso?

  6. Siamo a Boario Terme questa settimana, e la prossima, e avanti e indietro con base qui fino alla fine delle scuole circa. Comunque io ed i bimbi in Italia fino a ottobre, penso.

  7. Ciao Alessandra, che bello che siete ancora in Italia... che dici un viaggetto in Sardegna quest'estate? Io non vedo l'ora di partire!

  8. Vorrei proprio Ilaria :-), ed i bimbi pure!

  9. Oh Alessandra,
    I am not a mama - but this entry has pulled my maternal heart strings. What wonderfully imaginative children you have. Your children are wonderful in supporting the 'sick animal toys' back to health. When I was a child. I would bury them, literally in my mothers garden.

    Its not easy living in an apartment and missing all that green growth. I feel for you.

    Take care Mama Alessandra.

  10. Thank you Mangocheeks, I am sure that you can understand about not having the garden to potter around in...A lot of people here have a veggie garden (this is a small town, or a big village, depend on the way you look at it) and now that is spring I stop and look at the (usually older) people preparing the soil, still hard from winter. It is fashinating, and I look forward to their progress every time I walk by these gardens.

    Bury your soft toys??? I wander what your mum said! :-)

  11. so cute - the get well cards especially.
    What an amazing experience for your kids.


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