Friday, February 11, 2011

If Not Now When?

As you may know, on 13 February Italian women and their friends are occupying the piazze of Italian cities to defend the dignity of women and to say to men: if not now, when? It's time to befriend women. For further information visit:

As Italian women in New Zealand, we would like to support this very important initiative. We invite you all (women and men) to take part in the event that we will hold here on Monday, 14 February at 20,30 at the Dante rooms, to watch the brief documentary "Il corpo delle donne/Women's bodies" and to talk about it together. We would like to make our voice heard even from so far away! We look forward to having you with us! Please send this message to anyone you feel might be interested.

Freemans Bay Community Centre, 52 Hepburn Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland
Telephone: 09 376 3853, Email:

The Dante Team


  1. Grazie Alessandra, rincuora sapere di avere il sostegno da oltre oceano!Peccato che senta e veda tanta gente che ancora supporta e difende quell'uomo..vergognoso!

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  3. I haven't heard of this initiative, so thanks for the info, Alessandra!

  4. Saretta, non vedo molti che lo difendano all'estero, infatti e' il politico piu' deriso e meno rispettato.

  5. grazie per il sostegno...grazie per dire che ci sei...un abbraccio

  6. Ci sarò anch'io. Grazie Alessandra!

  7. Great initiative, really. Let us know how it was!

  8. Ciao Alessandra, grazie di essere venuta a trovarmi! Anche io sono stata alla manifestazione ieri! Grazie di cuore per questo tuo bel post! A presto! ^:^


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