Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wellington, Capital of New Zealand

Everybody goes to the Capital of cool from time to time, even Kiwi farmers with their pets hogs!

One of the things my kids liked best was the city's large museum Te Papa, and of course the winner was the gigantic squid exhibit. I didn't take photo of that, but if you have kids the museum has a cute computer game that you can do from your own home: build a squid!

I liked the Maori meeting house, quite different and colourful!

We had a few great days in the capital, luckily hardly any wind at all, and great blue sky!

What a party town! Look, they even put balloons up in this building (here in NZ they usually put balloons outside the houses where there is a birthday party)

Bye bye Wellington!

No recipe today, but I would like to show you one of my favourite Summer Salad combo:
watermelon and blueberries! I like the taste and I like the colour. The other day I had a couple of Arantxa's little friends for dinner, and to make the fruit salad extra special I cut the watermelon with one of those little scoops that you use to make melon balls. The girls loved it!

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. bellissime foto, un piccolo viaggio con la mente. e l'insalata di frutta....arrrrghhhh!!! la voglio!

    un bacione

  2. è bello conoscere e curiosare.......una merenda fresca molto estiva, da voi ovviamente apprezzatissima, qui credo che ancora si preferisca una cioccolata calda ;-)

  3. I remember visiting the Weekend market when I was was amazing.

    Happy day to you. xoxo

  4. Sogno e...ho costruito anch'io il mio calamaro!!!!:)Condivido la scelta della merenda, mannaggia che voglia di anguria!!!nel frattempo ho detto addio ai collant, e tutti mi guardano straniti ;)

  5. Beautiful clicks, love to visit one day.

  6. Si' e' strano parlare di anguria ai lettori dell'emisfero del nord. Saretta, che coraggio! Io l'anno scorso in Italia le calze le ho tolte a maggio!

  7. Oh...the piggy is awesome! When I lived in Iowa, there were so many hogs in the town. It is totally different but the piggy in your photo is like a pet! love it!

  8. The watermelon and blueberry salad sounds great, but I also love the dish you served it on! I visited Te-Papa a few years ago and purchased in the museum shop a lovely deep blue plate with a wave design, purporting to represent the Pacific ocean.

  9. @ Sweet Snow Flakes, that pig is famous in NZ, I think that there is a TV series (I don't watch much TV, maybe twice a month!) where he travels around NZ, he was in Wellington and we meet him :-).

    @ Mark, so you have been in NZ! Cool :-)

  10. I loved the photos, Alessandra. To answer the question you posed. IMHO there are two main differences between the two. One is viscosity, with fudge being much thicker than chocolate. The second is the ingredients from which they are made. Fudge is made from cocoa, while hot chocolate is made from processed chocolate pieces or squares. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary.

  11. The Maori meeting house looks wonderful. I saved the link for the kiwi lemon sorbetto. I hope our kiwis will begin bearing this year, and we love Prosecco!

  12. Hog on hog! Haha! That is too silly! Im into it. :)

  13. Blueberries & watermelon, never have thought of that but sounds wonderful. Please check out my blog for a little present.

  14. You're right - Wellington is a very cool city - I stayed there for two months when I did my yoga teacher training and I loved it. Love the idea of your watermelon and blueberry fruit salad - delicious combo.

    Alessandra - thanks for sending the package of the beautiful Italian fruit jellies - I adore them :-)



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